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Baldfrog: In like Flynn and Clarry here
PAFC4eva: gawn taranto jorden here
Baldfrog: Oh and Jordan
Yelse: how many ppl held danger or fyfe btw?
kascadev8: taranto gawn JJ
Baldfrog: Not me Yelse never had either
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ElstyBoy: Gawn Taranto Oliver and Jordon
Beast_Mode: dont expect flynn to do much against gawn
kascadev8: i held fyfe, didnt hold danger, probs gonna end up with danger later in the year again anyway
_Wang_: Deboer on clarry
exatekk: oh man not Underwood.
Baldfrog: Beast aslong as he makes money
Yelse: held on both but only held fyfe coz had more pressing matters to correct
CozzieCan: Gawn , Jordan , Taranto letís go boys
Beast_Mode: get flowered deboar you cow, tag viney instead
Pies20: Same @cozzi
Yelse: ohhh nooo oliver u gonna cost me my multi of most possessions..
kascadev8: need my 3 to go big in this game, JJ gawn taranto lets go
CozzieCan: Gawn looking dangerous
SeasickJac: Need Viney to out do Hopper by a fair margin
Baldfrog: Flynn looking dangerous
man0005: Need Hopper to out do Viney by a fair margin
Ash777: got gawn, jordan, flynn, taranto
crazzzed: I need sub 100 from Gawn lol
CozzieCan: Oliver on fire , huge qtr
kascadev8: if you have young what are you gonna do with him? trade or lose the money?
Baldfrog: Hahaha Maxy
CozzieCan: Glad I got Jordan in this week
Apachecats: Kosi and Brockman both in .Phew!
navy_blues: go blueboys
kascadev8: come on taranto ton up
Baldfrog: Same Cozzie
Pies20: Wrong game @navy haha
kascadev8: constable dropped... whyyy
Yelse: will be great for taranto to get 141 to win me my game
kascadev8: jelly stop.
Pies20: Keep going gws get me my tip also gawn Jordan and taranto
CozzieCan: Taranto welcome to my final 22 , keep it up kiddo
beerent11: Sub 60 please clarry
Baldfrog: Slow down Taranto pearls girls is gunna beat me
kascadev8: jelly needs to slow down. he will get tired
Pies20: 1600 with gawn to and 23 this game
SeasickJac: Get the ball Viney!
Pies20: Tt
Pies20: Keep going gws
Ash777: what is ollie doing
m0nty: Oliver is playing decoy inside mid, a new and bold position
kascadev8: being tagged @Ash, and helping me realise why i wanted clarry as a first upgrade
exatekk: dec0ys d0nt sc0re well m0nty l0l
Badgerbadg: Oliver going forward
Apachecats: You'd think Ward would have fluked a possie by now.
beerent11: Constable- because Chris Scott kascadev
Pies20: Not watching but are gws going to fall in a heap
SeasickJac: Thought Briggs might warrant a game for GWS
CozzieCan: Oliver killing 70% of teams
CozzieCan: Making Paddy Dow looking good lmao
cmperrfect: Go big Maxy, towel up the rookie
kascadev8: i do not have oliver ): neale gonna outscore him lol
CozzieCan: Unfortunately Cogs done .. Melbourne should win now
Pies20: 23 tog on game? Resting?
exatekk: i dont have Clarry either Kas
Badgerbadg: Clarry will be fine now cogs gone down
Pies20: What happened to cogs?
CozzieCan: Sure badge ? Keeps giving away frees to deboer
Badgerbadg: Ankle injury
Pies20: Cheers badge
kascadev8: JJ where are you?
pcaman2003: Oliver wearing deBoer like an accessory
Gotigres: Don't know how Flynn is on 31. I haven't seen him do anything
Pies20: On the bench I'm thinking kask
kascadev8: Jelly have a 2qtr rest now, youve earnt it
CozzieCan: @Gotigers watching Gawn smack it out apparently
Pies20: Bit like butts the other night tiges
Baldfrog: Very happy with Flynn
StuL: Timmy, Idun and Green. Happy so far
Gotigres: Yes Cozzie and Pies20
poolboybob: Oliver mare
srj2409: Get Gawn back in the middle ffs
StuL: Greene
kascadev8: taranto come on, stay ahead of jelly
StuL: Will be nice to get Oliver cheap.
CozzieCan: Gday Srj happy Easter mate
Baldfrog: Gawn been to the rance school of flopping
CozzieCan: B.Daniels done for the day . 3 down for GWS
Beast_Mode: daniels not ruled out yet, settle down
CozzieCan: Clarry keeps giving away free kicks .. this is a nightmare game
original: Donít stop maxy
pcaman2003: There are times like tonight where deBoer is likeable.
wadaramus: Excellent first half Timmy T, lift Max!
m0nty: No false info please, Daniels back on
Catatafish: Ha @pca not if you have him and as captain!
kascadev8: JJ when ur ready mate
PAFC4eva: flynn having a real surge
Gotigres: oh no Catatafish
clay007: Gawn gets points for breathing. Nic Nat does not get the same return despite better ruck taps to his mids.
Beast_Mode: good half idun, was gonna trade you out if you didnt play this week
Gotigres: Well done Oliver. You reached double figures.
Pies20: Hmm your on watch cozi
pcaman2003: @Catatafish. Doh! Most of my league have him ,but it's helping my %
Pies20: Haha joking mate
bones351: Looks like a nice price drop coming for Clarry
kascadev8: neale > clarry ??
Baldfrog: Did Carlton win a premiership today? Fox footy are acting like it
beerent11: Yep kasca thatís my plan if it works
clay007: Kelly back in form.
kascadev8: @beer woops, meant Neale better than Clarry, cos he did better this week haha
Silz90: I'm versing the Hillbillies in the FF league. Who is that?
beerent11: Paul will be either gotigres or pj39301965
beerent11: Sorry, hillbillies will be one of them silz90
Catatafish: Yeah, Oliver captain not great haha. Oh well.
Baldfrog: Go Flynn you beautiful man
clay007: Gawn breathed, give him 5 points
cmperrfect: Dow gonna beat Clarry at this rate. Haha
PAFC4eva: who thought flynn would match it with gawn
Baldfrog: How far did salem run lol
srj2409: Who would captain someone coming up against deboar
kascadev8: de boar off into the rooms, guess clarry is gonna go well now
clay007: People are 30% cooler when they call Oliver Clarry
Yelse: deboar out with hammy, happy days for future premiums
Beast_Mode: de boer hammy gone!!!
Baldfrog: Beast you were saying earlier about Flynn?
_Wang_: Cmon Oliver ffs
kascadev8: go the gawn, keep going taranto, 120+ would be terrific
srj2409: May struggling with no kick ins. Petracca is a spud.
Catatafish: Good de Boer, just need Oliver beast mode..
Beast_Mode: what?
kascadev8: come on JJ lift
Hazza09: Wtf is Oliver doing?
Silz90: Time to lift oliver. Im going to lose a few league games cause of you :(
Catatafish: He's playing full flowering forward
Ash777: Looks like ollie is staying forward for the qtr.
a1trader: Need 150 out of you Prince Max and 35 out of you Oliver
Yelse: jordon disappointing
Baldfrog: Agree yelse considering I bought him in this week
beerent11: A few rookies comin back to earth this round. To be expected.
srj2409: Lever stealing Mays intercepts
Pies20: Hasn't been on the ground much @yelse do
kascadev8: SC fwd line gonna be difficult to pick i feel
original: Youíd love toby on your team
Pies20: Would love a gws win
original: Any Melbourne fans here? How many goals does lever cough up a game?
srj2409: Lever better than paddy dow lol
original: No free to Haynes there LOL heís not even in my team but wow
Yelse: who ever hasn't got gawn and grundy season over!
kascadev8: gawn OP. taranto over the ton lovely. now its JJ time
Pies20: I hate tipping
cmperrfect: Grawndy lives on for another year. Set and forget.
Beast_Mode: gawn having a crack at grundys 162
Apachecats: If you get a good waitress though pies20
Beast_Mode: get it easily
Patty19: Lock in pickett for 3 votes
Pies20: Haha true @Apache
Yelse: need kelly 4 more for 25 possies for multi cmonnn
beerent11: Geez Haynes has dropped off a cliff from last year
Apachecats: Reckon the boom has gone of tracca
Apachecats: *off
amigaman: Sorry for anyone who traded out Gawn or Grundy. Rookie rucks starting to struggle.
beerent11: Here we go jordan
Beast_Mode: only flogs would trade gawn/grundy after one game, no sympathy at all
beerent11: Flynn is still going great for a rookie just need to have him at r3
Patty19: Oliver robbed in SC, been very efficient since HT
Baldfrog: Lol you guys are numpties how many of you gunna win SC. Otherwise it's money generation
Beast_Mode: lol patty
amigaman: Yeah Flynn is probably the exception, so far
exatekk: i agree Beast! Idiot move
Oddsy5: gawny has been huge
Patty19: Disagree @beast_mode? Think he should be closer to even DT/SC
cmperrfect: Hickey my R2, working out nicely so far.
kascadev8: JJ scale to 60 then ill accept it, thanks Gawny
Ash777: Never had grundy and I'm still sceptical about him considering who he's played against so far.
original: Haynes was in my multi, not getting kick outs ah well
Beast_Mode: had 4 clangers in the first half and went at 25%, yea i disagree and I have clarry in sc
Patty19: He was awful early but definitely made up late
Beast_Mode: played on good quarter all game, first 3 were garbage. hard to make that up
Patty19: Fair enough! Just feel itís very hard for players to turn around downward SC trends once they start