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kascadev8: go the power
PAFC4eva: flag contenders dropping everywher buck the trend pear
PJ39301965: Butters with Fantasia on the bench
amigaman: Going to enjoy this. 2 very good teams and my club has had a win
kascadev8: has anyone seen anything on Clark holding his spot for geelong? i cant find anything
PJ39301965: Same here Amiga should be very close I think
PJ39301965: Nothing at all Kas
amigaman: Why is there a query on Clark?
kascadev8: @amigaman will give me a 0 if he doesnt, and with a debutant who can run sounds like they have the same role
amigaman: Would give me a ) too, but thought he had been going well
zadolinnyj: Anyone watched the burger eating comp on Kayo? Mental
zadolinnyj: Go eagles
navy_blues: boak and fantasia for me
CozzieCan: Need Boak and aliir to go huge
Yelse: fantasia for me... most fantasy irrelevant game
kascadev8: bergs as emergency thats all
hinsch: what happen to the new man on the mark rule he was not to move at all
hinsch: would be good for Gaff to get a few touches tonight just to brighten up my day
Oddsy5: dont even have any1 this game
PAFC4eva: looks like port still on the plane
Beast_Mode: bye port
CozzieCan: This might get ugly , eagles look pumped
cmperrfect: Whatís happened to Gaff this year. Game too fast for him.
Rach: Evening! Go Eagles - good start. Traded Duggan out so no doubt he will fire ha!
beerent11: May go down to the wire for us pafc4eva
hinsch: cmperrfect Gaff has not played that well since he got suspended for belting Brayshaw
cmperrfect: Ok, so who traded in Butters this week? Haha
beerent11: Started with him cm .....and itís early
PJ39301965: Me too I started with him
zadolinnyj: Was thinking exactly that cmperfect
Yelse: is butters getting tagged?
PAFC4eva: yes beer forgot to loop gunds and dow to tex bloody family gatherings
Yelse: fantasia lift... kick a goal
Beast_Mode: butters was always a trap, ppl were saying that all last week
kascadev8: i traded butters in, then reversed it, survived for now
CozzieCan: Yup especially with rozee back
Beast_Mode: kasca how amny sc trades have you used so far?
kascadev8: @Beast ive used 4, 1 for rowell, danger, cripps and corrected a rookie to tex walker
Beast_Mode: so every available trade so far lol, arent you concerned burning too many too early?
srj2409: Yeah. Rozeeís 2 possessions have murdered butters lolololololol
kascadev8: @Beast nah, hopefully should be ok after this week for a little bit
Apachecats: No system at all in Ports forward line ,getting smashed there every time.
m0nty: Shuey back in good diving form
Hazza09: Not picking Butters is the only thing Iíve got right so far this year
zadolinnyj: Too many talks apachecats. Need to bench one
zadolinnyj: Talls
Apachecats: Yeah Zad ,saw big Charlie punch acertain mark out of Marshalls hands in one contest.
srj2409: LOL. Butters averaging 130 and hazza09 thinks not picking him is a win? Hahahaha
beerent11: Quarter time
kano: hes averaging 130 first 2 games Hazza you gronk
srj2409: Butters third highest scoring forward. Better than Dunkley lol
beerent11: 3 quarters to go.
CozzieCan: @Srj wins the award for flog of the week , did mum forget to breastfeed ya , you little half sucked twisty
BurtCocain: butters will still end up with 85+, just a slow start
PJ39301965: Only 6 port players at 4 or more posies doesnít help them either Apache
wadaramus: If you started Butters, happy days. If you traded in this week...
Stu7: Butters needs to loosen up
m0nty: stay premium please
beerent11: Pull it back a bit cozzie mate
kascadev8: come on port
navy_blues: butters just needs to spread more
Beast_Mode: lol
wadaramus: Nice navy!
Yelse: so far who you tipping for most traded in player next week
Kingy12: Did someone put butters in the fridge.... he finding it hard to spread....
navy_blues: ryannnn
wadaramus: Haaannngggeerrr
zadolinnyj: Mark
srj2409: Is that the best insult you have cozziecan? Come now. Troll struggling
kascadev8: butters aint in the fridge, he is in the freezer for the hammy icepacks
Stu7: @Yelse - Ridley
navy_blues: srj just drop it plz
kascadev8: ridley 1000%
Kingy12: Hahaha. Yeah, good call kas
Silz90: srj do you ever have anything nice to say lol such a negative person
Hazza09: Most will jump on Ridley
amigaman: Umps got it in for Allen, Clowns
wadaramus: Why so abrasive srj? Can't we just have some fun watching the footy?
Hooks: Yea sorry boys I traded in butters this week, its on me.
srj2409: Me? I was the one told my mum didnít breastfeed me because I said butters was a top 3 forward lolz
srj2409: Group of bullies on here
beerent11: Righto back on the footy
navy_blues: leave then lol
srj2409: Donít stress Hooks. Here comes Butters.
kascadev8: get butters back in the freezer, he is defrosting and i need butter tomorrow
zadolinnyj: At least you won something srj2409
Beast_Mode: Zak Spudutters
Stu7: Butters is creaming it
navy_blues: we come here for fun from what i see srj u come here to pick pick pick til u get a reaction
zadolinnyj: Massive statement by eagles here
Stu7: Fantasia back to his old self
srj2409: Yes saying butters is a top 3 forward is pick pick picking. LOL. Come on butters u top e forward
Stu7: Go Gaff
kascadev8: get bergs on and motlop off
Silz90: Come on Rozee and Gaff - killing my draft side
CozzieCan: @Srj , was multiple reasons. Donít poke the bear .
zadolinnyj: I think we were talking about people who traded in vs already owned so therefore passive aggressive. Move on
zadolinnyj: Will use the comment, half sucked twisty in the future cozzie. Very descriptive
beerent11: Great test for port. Weíll find out a bit in the second half.
zadolinnyj: Think George might be a good target for crows in future
CozzieCan: Lmao @Zado .. to oneís imagination I suppose .. back to the game
srj2409: @cozziecan ok bully
Stu7: Come on Redden get off your ar5e
zadolinnyj: Eagle been using the highway up the middle without risk. That needs to change
kascadev8: nothing wrong with a twistie tbf, might open a bag now
CozzieCan: @SRJ back to the game please or you will be banned .
zadolinnyj: I tend to forget how much influence Nic Nat has.
srj2409: Port arenít even giving a yelp. Some pretty ordinary games this weekend
wadaramus: Well, this is an entertaining game so far.
navy_blues: hate it when u look frwd to a game and its a 1 way show
srj2409: @cozzie yeah ok. You throw the insults and then ban me. GG.
srj2409: Boak struggling a bit. How many grabbed him?
zadolinnyj: The rule change has made footy amazing. More attack, big forwards, and young guns. Loving the games
wadaramus: This is a great game navy!
navy_blues: lol ok i understand your view wada
srj2409: Reckon a stagnant man on the mark has really made this much diff?
zadolinnyj: Gaff leading possessions. Canít believe it s not butters
Stu7: Yes Redden is off his ar5e
CozzieCan: @Srj was thinking that .. might be the longer qrts and fatigue aye
zadolinnyj: I can sense Montys finger hovering over the witches hat button
Stu7: @zadolinnyj - pmsl
Stu7: @zadolinnyj - ha ha good one
srj2409: Reduced interchange too. Fatigue prob key
zadolinnyj: Surely 5 goals. In first 6 minutes is not fatigue
Beast_Mode: had Houston since the start of season, can't believe only 4% have him. Looks a stroke of genuis at the moment
zadolinnyj: Good selection beast
Stu7: Nice work Gaffy
CozzieCan: Every team struggles against west coast at Perth
wadaramus: Same again in the 2nd half West Coast!
kascadev8: butters back in the freezer
gazza39: For some reason I locked in Amon before round 1, thankfully he repays me tonight
Beast_Mode: cheers mate
PAFC4eva: surely the pig gets a game next week
wadaramus: DBJ sure made a good step ladder!
gazza39: @beast he is a player most expect to flop, but not looking like it so far
PAFC4eva: looks like the crow boys are up and about
Rach: Hahaaa zado "I can't believe it's not butters" Late reply still struggling to comment. Great half WC - percentage!!
wadaramus: Gotta take it when it's there PAFC!
zadolinnyj: Crows win, port lose, happy easter
wadaramus: Don't jinx it zado, still a half to go!
Ash777: not sure why it's the eagles supporters taking the power at butters low score
PAFC4eva: enjoy while it lasts you sound like graham cornes zado
zadolinnyj: Need them to as multi have goal for gray, 2 Dixon, 1 fantasia and wines 20
wadaramus: In reply to Rockliff comment, I don't understand how he is so quickly on the outer?
wadaramus: Listening to 5AA, geez Tredrea is a flog.
PAFC4eva: dont know what hes done chatting up hinkleys wife i suppose
Rach: Ash - Butters comment from the old ad yeah?
Ash777: They need rockliff to come good. Missing some harden bodies in the mid.
wadaramus: That's a tried and true one way ticket to the two's!
Ash777: what was butters comment?
PAFC4eva: rockcliff was crap against norwood
zadolinnyj: Port loves crows losing and give versa. Two team town. All Cornes average but Kane is in his own wolf pack
PAFC4eva: kanes a flog chad s cool
bhg26: Come on Butters you flowering flog
PAFC4eva: witches hats monty
Ash777: the rain is an advantage for port
Rach: I wasn't bagging Butters just chuckling thinking of the ad!
Stu7: I was wrong Redden didnít get off his ar5e he just lifted a cheek!
srj2409: Rozee taking Butters mid minutes
beerent11: Was butters a flowering flog last week bhg26?
Ash777: problem is you cant take rozee because he's playing injured.
zadolinnyj: More so beerent11 because i did not have him
Ash777: butters finally getting some mid minutes
beerent11: Haha zad
CozzieCan: Cmon boak get that 100
Stu7: ThevGaff is back!
Stu7: The conversations seem to be spread around about Butters
bhg26: No, only been since I got him in this week beer
beerent11: Been done a bit stu
zadolinnyj: In this chat stu7 thatís our bread and butters
beerent11: Hey pafc4eva. Iím nervous.
Stu7: Beerent11 - fun police sorry
Ash777: I have Butters n Duggan. so it's bitter sweet atm because duggan is going well.
Stu7: @zadolinnyj - ha ha, watch out beer might have a go at you
zadolinnyj: Duggan interesting call
Ash777: Yeah got lured by his preseason game and promise of mid time.
CozzieCan: So many ďWinesĒ about ďButtersĒ
kascadev8: fell asleep whatd i miss
Stu7: How high do people think Gaff will go?
PAFC4eva: i reckon you got me beer
beerent11: More butters puns kasca
beerent11: If thatís what you call fun stu.......
zadolinnyj: Dixon gone up with one arm last 8 marks
CozzieCan: Happy Easter everyone , hope you enjoy some butters on those hot cross buns wink wink
wadaramus: Butters more like Margarine tonight.
wadaramus: Soft as butter.
CozzieCan: @wada lmao home brand at best ?
wadaramus: I can't believe I traded in Butters.
wadaramus: Definitely Black and Gold.
wadaramus: I didn't trade him in.
kascadev8: i cant believe motlop is still on
DrSeuss: Ok just need Bergman to stay off and I will be happy. Keep it up Gaff
Stu7: Ha ha
wadaramus: To quote the great Machine Gun Fellatio.
wadaramus: Butter my ar5e with a pigeon.
Stu7: 39 more Gaffy
Badgerbadg: Butter= trap
Beast_Mode: these butter puns are only just margarinally funny
Ash777: Hope he gets a few junktime points to make it atleast not a total loss
CozzieCan: Lol @ beast
wadaramus: Margarinally!!! Hahaha!
zadolinnyj: Lol beast
Stu7: Pun of the night beast
beerent11: You win beast mode.bog.
Beast_Mode: lol thanks fellas
Kingy12: Only need rozee to kick a sausage roll for my multi....
Stu7: No citation beer? Ha ha
Kingy12: Lol beast. Pun of the night. Good stuff lol
Stu7: Gaff playing well
beerent11: I respect quality stu;)
CozzieCan: Any1 seen frenzy or Kidult
Stu7: @beerent11 - fair call :)
kascadev8: @Coz maybe they r still trying to log in
beerent11: Gnight all.
Ash777: well there goes shuey again.
kascadev8: shuey hamstring, sucks, great player to watch
Stu7: Night!
Kingy12: Night beer.... Iím still waiting for rozee to kick a goal lol
Ash777: Shuey out expect gaff to be tagged next week
Stu7: Shuey great scoring for minimal game time!
kascadev8: @Ash was just about to question whether this will be a 1 off game for gaff scorewise, could be for a while
Ash777: Shuey draws attention which helps players like gaff.
srj2409: Good to see berg not subbed on killing his cash gen
kascadev8: @srj still got 4 mins :/
Stu7: Redden good job mate
kascadev8: when was the last time Yeo played? i cant remember him playing past grand final day
Wo0lfee: @Ash/kasca Prolonged Yeo outage + shuey will be interesting to see. Wanted to bring Gaff in later on
Beast_Mode: Port pretenders
wadaramus: Yeah Baby, Happy Easter!!
Kingy12: Bugger.... $350 return on a $5 bet down the drain cos rozee couldnít hit scoreboard. Díoh
Ash777: such a cringey song
zadolinnyj: Happy Easter lads and ladies
kascadev8: "just jump on the blokes head" lmao
kascadev8: good ol flyin ryan
Rach: Bad luck Kingy :( Happy Easter all!