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Ooost: It's your time to shine Nicholas Cox.. Bail me out
Ooost: Sorry Nikolas*
Thomas1234: Cox to cj or dowe to atkins
kascadev8: its merrett time
Apachecats: they have had big wraps on Perkins.
navy_blues: love to see ess win this but doubt it
Badgerbadg: Bottom 8 matchup this one is
benzammit: BZT n Waterman the ones too watch here.
benzammit: Cox n Steele if you have em
Ooost: Cox!
benzammit: Perkins could be an sneaky upgrade
Ooost: Have Waterman on the bench
Badgerbadg: Come on Waterboy!
beerent11: Bloody highmore dropped. Worst possible time. Lucky have the e on young
benzammit: Downgrade soz, Saints are missing Ryder and Marshall majorly
benzammit: Highmore is my Captain can knock him
Stu7: I canít win with this SC trades never pay off
Stu7: St Kilda playing there same predictable style of footy again frustrating
SeasickJac: Cmon Zerrett and Jones!
_Wang_: Cox at his b/e already
navy_blues: that was to easy
kascadev8: only got zerrett here, thought i had more in
_Wang_: Sorry nearly
Hazza09: Come on Merrett
CozzieCan: @Kas no Ridley ?
kascadev8: @Coz nah sadly not, have caleb daniel over him, ridley gonna be my first upgrade when i can move young to him
Stu7: St Kilda struggling against an injured team, woeful game play
Apachecats: Any one here think SC gold is worthwhile?
Hazza09: Was picking Merrett this year a mistake? Feel like it is
Hazza09: Yes @apache
missmagic: cricket team probably going to lose a thriller in a final with 4 playing for vics in a dead rubber & then this
ElstyBoy: Parish should be on 50 at least shouldnt he
kascadev8: @Haz im starting to feel like it was, gonna back him for the year tho
benzammit: Happy with Cox , dare say if I didnít have Neale heíd be gone
navy_blues: francis playing well
missmagic: i thought we were over rated a bit being tipped by many as finals certs,but this is a total joke,disgraceful
navy_blues: wow wow wow
benzammit: Stringer is the story 😉
FLAG: lol Cox landed on Hooker
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- this is an interesting round.
danalps: Tombstone for Gresham I reckon
benzammit: Not why score review was implemented shocker
Stu7: Port Melbourne seconds could beat St Kilda
Stu7: St Kilda are full over other teams rejects
benzammit: Flag haha, did you see it when Cox slipped Hooker that quickie?
kascadev8: witches hat time?
FLAG: lol benz, hooker wanted to receive from cox but Long Wood got there first
benzammit: He was hard like Steele , stuck in my Membrey!
FLAG: lame cox
Apachecats: Any one watching , is McGrath even out there?
kascadev8: no apache, he went to bed at 40 winks
FLAG: apache, no just sexual innuendoes
Stu7: This is painful to watch 😩
kascadev8: i dropped harison jones for tex lmao, shoulda been rowe not jones
boondock: there's no plan for the Saints... Bomb it high and hope for the best
benzammit: Better than rookie talk .lol
Oddsy5: i dont know if we look good or saints bad
Phasir: What the heck has happened to McGrath??
Stu7: I disagree @boondock! They plan to lose 😂
navy_blues: wd ess surely cant lose from here
Apachecats: yes they can navy blues.
seanfc99: definitely hats for the saints
cmperrfect: Still breakout year for McGrath Apache?
benzammit: McGrath is a COG not gunna score big in an Essendon midfield it deep
Apachecats: Can't believe I said that but a bit tickled that you remember.
Baldfrog: We only got pick 28 (Berry) for Brad Crouch and still think we won
Stu7: Well done Cox playing well
pharace: haha, harsh giving Gresham a witches hat too
benzammit: He adds grunt and quick decision but no huge points there
cmperrfect: Donít worry Stu, itís Essendon. They could still choke.
Stu7: @cmperrfect - true
kascadev8: witches hat for long a bit mean isnt it?
pharace: not if you saw his last effort Kasca
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone
kascadev8: @pharace nah i didnt haha
pharace: twas a shocking dropped sitter 25 out of Ess goal, got luck to give a goal up in last 20sec
benzammit: Rats- just walk ten foot tall, showers about too get ugly
Hazza09: Waterman looking like a good downgrade for Fullarton in a few weeks
kascadev8: rowe to waterman ha
Stu7: That Warner from Sydney is a goodie
kascadev8: merrett move
Hazza09: @kasca heís been frustrating
a1trader: And Ridley hits the ton again
kascadev8: @Haz indeed, very
cmperrfect: Ridley is a gun. No1 def by years end.
Apachecats: OK ,I'm calling it.
navy_blues: sc score going south this week
navy_blues: need gawn to get 200 as capt lol
Oddsy5: ridley the 1 pick thats really burning me this yr
Oddsy5: well non-pick i mean
kascadev8: massive sideways but phillips to ridley, young to warner next week? if phillips spuds monday its happening
Hazza09: I agree @oddsy and heís burning me too. But he comes in next week, Iíll make it happen
jordan M: stewart vs ridley at the start of the season i chose wrong :/
Oddsy5: even worse haz is my team name is Jordan Ridlicious and i didnt start him, criminal
Malaka: if the Bombers play their cards right, they could win this.
Hazza09: I chose Daniel over Ridley and Iím regretting it dearly
kascadev8: @Haz i did too, massive regret
Stu7: Poo symbol on all players bar Steele
wilaj: Will Bombers win by more than 100
kascadev8: merrett got to the ton, finally
benzammit: 20 goals fair play Dons
Stu7: Yes @ wilaj
srj2409: 16/22 bombers have 75% DE or above. Theyíre up by 15 goals
bones351: Waterman looking good
kascadev8: ridley stop please :(
Hazza09: Watermen for Rowe, you can lock that in
jordan M: stk a different squad without marshall/ryderalso 117 from 3qtrs of zerrett is insane
Stu7: Come on Cox 100 please
Stu7: Great effort from Waterman
bones351: Couldnít decide between Ridley, Stewart and Daniel so I started all 3with Laird. Left outLloyd
FLAG: hooker lift and come on cox
Hazza09: Get off the bench Merrett
otis: Good boy Merrett