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_Wang_: Hi all
_Wang_: Got dusty, short, Lloyd, gukde
_Wang_: Hi guys
navy_blues: go swans
coda1214: here we go, hopefully a great game.
navy_blues: test
Ooost: Martin + Short unique here.
kascadev8: good afternoon all
Apachecats: Apache checks in.Afternoon all.
zadolinnyj: Lads
Haydo: Captain on Gulden plus short dusty warner and Campbell
Hazza09: Need a big game from Llyod
m0nty: Chad Warner starting like David Warner
zadolinnyj: Except he is still in the middle Monty
kascadev8: come on short, 6 kicks and ur only on 10
Hazza09: Bought in Warner for Bergman, hope it pays off
Oddsy5: afternoon boys, lloyd and warner uniques
kascadev8: @Hazza i brought in tex for jones, still looking for a way to get warner in next week
m0nty: reckon Warner might not be so unique after this week
Oddsy5: what a kick from gulden
navy_blues: when was last time tigers goal less in 1st qtr??
navy_blues: haha riewoldt
jfitty: Short a bigger seagul than the seagul himself
kascadev8: campbell gulden when ur ready boys
a1trader: Nice start Hickey
CozzieCan: To think last year majority had Pickett lmao
FLAG: heeney joins the never again list
navy_blues: dusty lookking rusty
Apachecats: Interesting ,I had Gardner in a draft league and he was injured but is down as a DNP ,not complaining though.
teachrtony: Not watching ther game but only7 hitouts for the quarter won't get many scores.
kascadev8: short gulden campbell in this
Apachecats: Lloyd a master at the give and get ,bet he counts SC points in his head.
navy_blues: riewoldt stuffs it again
navy_blues: gets 2nd chance grrr
kascadev8: anyone else giving rowe 1 more week against North?
coda1214: @navy. and then Riewoldt slots it again.
Apachecats: Kasca if he gets a game I'll keep him.Too many others on the chopping block.
kascadev8: again? he's only kicked 1
navy_blues: going to footy tomorrow
Apachecats: Send in reports from the game navy ,good luck ,tipping Carlton sorry.
m0nty: Pickett and Smith having poor days
navy_blues: havent seen freo live b4 so hopefully blues can pull their finger out for a win
navy_blues: my boys are in geelong so gonna catch up with them too
navy_blues: wicks unmarked in frwd line geez
Badgerbadg: Wowee, would you look at that? Swannies are winning! You love to see it
CozzieCan: Campbell has been atrocious in kicking .. 3 turn overs
kascadev8: short being a seagul but clearly doing it wrong as king seagul lloyd is on more
Badgerbadg: More unpredictable than Cooper Gresham TOTW
Ooost: Rowe one more week here
navy_blues: oh yeah
navy_blues: dimma gonna pop a vein at half time
Oddsy5: wowee warner
kascadev8: warner slow down, i wanna be able to get u in if rowe is dropped
navy_blues: go swannies
CozzieCan: Sorry but suck sh@t at tigers .. only will get to say it once this year lol
StarvyJ: Swans Premiership favourites? 3 wins in a row against premiership contenders including the Brownlow favourite Tex
GOATdusty: this in an amazing effort, cant say much else really
navy_blues: not over cozzie could come back at you lol
navy_blues: wicks unmanned that qtr
navy_blues: gee gulden only on 28 better trade him next week
Haydo: All respect to Sydney they deserve the 40 point lead
GOATdusty: should be bigger lead tbh, butchered a few goals
Dredd: Starting to feel better losing in Round 1 now hahaha
benzammit: Happy with Warner, if you missed the bubble on him not point trading him in surely?
kascadev8: @benz its always there when u hav rowe
coda1214: How soon do the media start blaming Hardwicks relationship for this game?
benzammit: Iíve got both, still need some slow burners as long as they play, Rowe tinned up once did his job
benzammit: Gulden twice, Missing Jordan but Iím not panic trading rookie.
pharace: Tiger midfield - barely anyone with more than 10disp. Get on your bike 2nd half boys!
kascadev8: anyone keeping highmore, bergman, koszi if they are all dropped (pending hawks squad)
GOATdusty: hope davey warner tons up, is my only unique
pharace: berg still a chance to be MedSub @ Kasca
srj2409: Lol kascadev if you donít have Warner just delete your team
GOATdusty: lol you have to keep them at this stage in sc anyway
kascadev8: @pharace yeh i hope so
Hazza09: Bergman to Warner trade proving to be a master stroke so far
CozzieCan: @Srj no Warner here and doing just fine
kascadev8: @srj i have gulden, campbell, jordan. think im fine, seems people went either jordon or warner
Thomas1234: Went both kasca
benzammit: As long as you get too use them all missing the odd rookies at this stage is trival
navy_blues: omg wicks again richmond been slack today
benzammit: If they are more potential too play Iíd cope an average difference especially if the bye suits
srj2409: I havenít seen any team without Warner AND Jordon but Iím only playing against sides in the top 15k consistently
navy_blues: dusty gone missing today
Hazza09: Had to trade Sharp and Bergman this week @srj but at the start of the week it was going to be Fyfe and Bruhn
navy_blues: im in top15k and havent got warner lol
Apachecats: Pretty happy with Draper to Hickey
CozzieCan: Between tex and Warner I picked tex , happy days
kascadev8: if i didnt have neale i coulda gone treacy to warner. you live and learn i guess
navy_blues: yep i agree cozzie
srj2409: Warner, Campbell, Jordon, Gulden AND Tex. Happy days.
Oddsy5: @SRJ wouldnt most people have all those 5?
benzammit: Have both Cozzie flukes Warner early Calwell too Tex
benzammit: I took Impy instead of Campbell eventually
kascadev8: i got impey in this week cos i needed to drop cripps. bit nervous now
Hazza09: Llyod been very quiet today
srj2409: Most people in contention would have, yes oddsy5
navy_blues: funny how commentators pump dusty up when he doing ok but dont say boo when he goes missing
benzammit: Itís how you acquired the better rookies that counts, having them in your team will mean a lot especially as Danger
kascadev8: @navy wouldnt 'boo' suggest that they found him?
srj2409: Isnít it great Dawson is taking all of Lloyds kick outs?
benzammit: Rowell and Cardwell n Tyson all failed
StarvyJ: This is so good to watch
GOATdusty: all rookie great for me but i missed tex and ziebell picks tho
CozzieCan: Just find 3 from 1 team is to much with byes cost you in the long run . I finished top 5% last year no issues
benzammit: It is Srj and plenty of ball for Short
navy_blues: when do u hear them saying dusty wasnt good enough today but idiots like garry lyon knock other mids no probs at all
Yelse: isn't loyd taking kick ons anumore>??
PAFC4eva: bye bye richmond
StarvyJ: Nah Yelse, Dawson is a better kick
benzammit: I finished 67 and got shafted in the Essendon COVID scare. Trading in rookies is the easy part but having them is gold!
Hazza09: Wow Sydney are on fire
StarvyJ: Hope Sydney put Richmond to the sword in the final quarter like Dogs did to Norf
navy_blues: syd will drop in flag price now lol
CozzieCan: Sportsbet was paying $4 for the swans to win this
kascadev8: impey having a lot to do this week now smh, got more cheapies right than i did last year so its improving
seanfc99: $5 cozzie, I loaded up on them
Oddsy5: ive got warner and lloyd vs martin this game :P
a1trader: Geez I'm glad my opponent has Campbell on the ground. Keeping me in it
CozzieCan: 700+ sc to come dusty could still ton
kascadev8: campbell gulden short big last quarter please legends
navy_blues: richmond given up
Ooost: Hundreds from Short and Martin would be heavily desirable right now.
jordan M: thank god i traded nank the tank this week jesus
kascadev8: short cant hit a target
pharace: a couple of player omissions stopped me trading Wicks up - sometmies you get lucky
Oddsy5: McIntosh -3 for gettin KO'd stiff
kascadev8: gulden getting into the game now, probably a little late
BurtCocain: kamdyn gonna miss the saints game now
Napper: How is Gulden on 65 dc but 90 afl famtasy haha
GOATdusty: gulden sc score is not really fair
kascadev8: jayden is scoring a bit short today
benzammit: Gilders score is irrelevant all decent player have him
a1trader: And Hickey gets the ton! Woohoo
srj2409: Because heís butchered the ball Napper. Are you new or just donít understand how scoring works?
StarvyJ: Rubbish call, Tiges being looked after as usual
kascadev8: campbell on the bench... again? why
srj2409: And prob all uncontested too
penguins00: Gulden has not butchered the ball. Have you watched the game?
coda1214: @starvyJ that is a rubbish call. we're constantly on the losing side of free kicks
kascadev8: gulden at 72% is butcher standards for him haha
srj2409: What game are you watching? 70% DE.
Oddsy5: yeah im surprised gulden is at 72 percent efficiency. hes been lethal
srj2409: Only 2 possessions contested
Apachecats: Butchering is below 60%.
sfenda1: gulden kicked ball backwards a lot
Apachecats: Slaughtering it is below 50%
kascadev8: butchering is Tom Phillips kicking @Apache
Apachecats: Riewoldt for example.
PAFC4eva: richmond on wrong side of frees cause they are dirty mongrels
navy_blues: swans should be winning by 60+
pharace: Will playing Buddy stimie this Swans group??
pharace: Tiges been on the wrongs side (17th or 18th) for 6 years @ PAFC
srj2409: Butchering is 75% or below
srj2409: If you canít hit a target with 3 of every 4 possessions at professional elite level youíre butchering it
Apachecats: Bit tough srj
Phasir: Tigers been dirty mongrels for a lot longer than 6 years, pharace
kascadev8: @pharace and i wonder why, gonna hold and hit high/off the ball its gonna happen. been a good game tbf
Apachecats: On your call srj ,Richmond has 18 butchers ,could open a chain store with that.
navy_blues: wd swannies
Phasir: Lamberts SC to DT scores if it's Gulden "Butchering" it
intergaze: @PAFC$eva Really? Which players have been seriously injured against Richmond because of dirty play?
bhg26: Wowee
srj2409: They just lost by 7 goals. If they werenít butchering it they might have done better
GOATdusty: lol no team in the league averages about 73% effiency muppet
PAFC4eva: lynch thug
GOATdusty: above*
Phasir: Dean Cox, the guy Conca elbowed as he came to the bench, half of Lynch's opponents
PAFC4eva: just because noone is injured doesnt mean its not dirty play
pharace: Haha Kasca, catters not really any different
kascadev8: go the swanies
PAFC4eva: see you tiges next week at the oval
_Wang_: Good win, tiges supporter here
Phasir: Systematic grub behavior at Tigs since Hardwick became coach.
GOATdusty: cox is weak as power tho
kascadev8: @pharace this wasnt about geelong, this was about richmond, dont change the subject cos u dont have an answer
bhg26: We even hit the post 7 times so it could have been more
GOATdusty: weatcoke heads lol
Phasir: Dean Cox was far tougher than weak as power current #20, McGovern
benzammit: Phasir heís a terrible triple premiership coach
Phasir: Remember that "GOATdusty" has a smack head bikey father lmao. Reckon Smack Head Jake King wasn't a mutt? aight
srj2409: Half the Sydney team (11) went at 75%+. They win my 7 goals. Not rocket science this game.
Phasir: @ben, he coached the team to the position it is in. he did a great job. (Still endorses mutt behavior though)
pharace: Kasca, all the lame examples are extreme one offs, it's the style play that attracts umpiring calls and we risk take....
m0nty: solid game by Highmore (c)
m0nty: contest just then where Wood holding Cox and Cox had Wood