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zadolinnyj: go crows
kascadev8: time to bring in the big texan i think
Ooost: Sloane, Laird and Rowe here.
PJ39301965: Tex, Bowes, Laird and Rowe, Butts on bench
Cottees: Berry, Laird and Rowe for me
kascadev8: take 1 wont be able to get the other. tex or warner?
Pies20: @zads you pick the ntp going with rowe over dowe, got laird Berry and Seymour as well
exatekk: Rowe, Laird, Fyfe (C), Berry for me.
PJ39301965: Tex will get you more cash quicker
Pies20: Pj thanks for the help last game
Ooost: ahh yes quite right, C on fyfe also
PJ39301965: No problem Pies
kascadev8: ive got the c on the other fyfe haha
Cottees: true forgot my C on fyfe aswell
Ooost: I wont be comfortable until this game starts with no Aiden Fyfe
exatekk: he's on his coach ooost. breathe easy
Pies20: Same @kaska
kascadev8: convinced enough, big texan in over harrison jones this week
Apachecats: Thanks PJ have topped up the long neck and engraved PJ and Apache on it.
Apachecats: *and pies20
exatekk: berry or Jordan for the E?
Cottees: jordan
Ooost: agreed Jordan E
exatekk: he could be dropped?!
Cottees: Surely not, though Highmore getting dropped was a suprise to me
exatekk: craziness
exatekk: why does Murray have a Starting light?
GOATdusty: highmore was ordinary last week, only 9 disposals and got toweled up in the game
Cottees: thats fair enough, didnt watch the game supercoach score made him look okay
GOATdusty: he did score well, used it well no clangers and had 5-6 tackles.
GOATdusty: but i dont think ratten uses sc points as a form guide for his players
PJ39301965: Sub @Exa
Cottees: yeah you shouldn't use supercoach points for the actual game lool
CozzieCan: Big tex 150 here
kascadev8: walker, laird, rowe. dropped jones for walker. hopefully a good game
hinsch: Tex has to beat 10.2 from Bruce
GOATdusty: donuts for the texan
Pies20: Well done @Apache we all chip in will be plenty of longknecks to claim
FLAG: tex more likely to eat 10 sausage rolls than kick them
Stu7: Tex Frankfurtís - dozen of them
CozzieCan: Looking like the last game
Pies20: HMM hopefully the crow's lift
kascadev8: adelaide mids wakey wakey
Stu7: Tex going along nicely - 1
kascadev8: go the texan, nice goal
original: Lol seedsman thats awful
Ash777: Bought in tex to replace caldwell
Ash777: He
Sloaneyyyy: 10 minutes in and half the team hasn't touched the ball, lmao
Ash777: He's going to be 500k+ in a few rounds
PJ39301965: Letís go Tex
navy_blues: 10 mins gone tex on 40 hope he keeps going at that rate lol
CozzieCan: If you didnít get tex this week , youíd be kicking yourself
Ash777: Trade him once he starts taking on tougher teams.
bhg26: Remember Tex started like this last week and he only ended up with 6 goals
Pies20: So glad i traded rob to Grundy at this stage
Bulky: Crows should have kept Paul Hunter. Couldn't be any worse than O'Brien.
Catatafish: @Ash777 especially with North next week
feralmong: Brought in Ziebel this week. That went well. Bit of a mistake not starting him..
original: Wish I had the kahoonas to trade Tex in
Stu7: OíBrien was a gun last year - now he shooting blanks
cmperrfect: Rowe off to a flyer again. Good job.
srj2409: Agree Cozziecan. Will make more cash than a Rookie
feralmong: But Bont C was a failure.
Cottees: argh Rowe and Berry
Pies20: Typical crows rubbish why did i get sucked in
Hazza09: Great start Berry. Powellís 49 I should have took
CozzieCan: @Srj keeps playing like this he can stay and Rowe can power off
Pies20: Same @hazza
Pies20: Didn't tip them but go sun's put them back in their place
Stu7: Is it just me or is this a shower game!
feralmong: carn the crows. only cos i was dumb enough to tip u.
Apachecats: JRowe you hero.
navy_blues: go tex
CozzieCan: @Stu was until Rowe and tex showed up ..
Pies20: If you want get the pill berry please
coda1214: man this game is on, so good to watch.
Stu7: Rowe! He lives!!!
travo: out on your superman capes, its tex-time
Catatafish: Haha Texan. I saw something saying you'd be borderline mad to bring him in #lolcats
StarvyJ: Bloody hell why didnít I get Walker with GC and Norf b2b weeks
Stu7: @CozzieCan - true!
Ooost: Sloane :D
Ash777: Sexy Tex
Stu7: Damn I was about to trade Higgins for Tex before bounce - ouch!
Oddsy5: traded neale for tex via dpp, looking like a bad trade :p
cmperrfect: Go The Texen. Turning back the clock.
navy_blues: rowe is flying now lol
Pies20: Tex in crazy form at the moment surley the bubble will burst
exatekk: Im so glad Tex is playing well. Shutting all the haters up this year. Go BIG BOY!!
original: Was thinking of trading Dow to Tex, Na I thought. Tex scoring more than dow in 1qt
feralmong: Rowe ya boat.
Yelse: oh nooo i started berry over powel :((((((((
Stu7: Yeah navy_blues weíll have to start calling him Crowe
cmperrfect: I did exactly that original. Luving it.
GOATdusty: this is amazing from tex, thought he wa son the verge of retirement
Stu7: Are Berry & Mcadam kissing behind the shelter shed?
m0nty: Berry starting deep is not juicy at all
coda1214: @Stu7 that makes sense seeing as their negative points.
Nurfed: Miller TOG awful!
Pies20: See more hasn't touched it and he's on 7 wait to he does move mate and berry also please
Hazza09: Absolute Joke Berry
_Wang_: Tecks!
feralmong: Farc Witts on fire
kascadev8: go tex
Pies20: Hard work these rookies who to play who not to each week I flower it
feralmong: Surely the spell will wear off and they return to pumpkins.
Pies20: Berry!!
Cottees: thank god, Berry got at least a goal
CozzieCan: I had bowes a few years ago .. was a trap then and is now . Donít get him take my advice
PJ39301965: Already did Cozzie
Pies20: The deeper you go the more juicier it gets i think @monty
CozzieCan: Canít control my stiffy over tex , boy oh boy !!!
Pies20: Move see more get a touch
Kingy12: I do him traded in earlier in week cozzie, but reversed it... phew
kascadev8: go the texan lets go tex
Pies20: Haha @cozy wait you will go limp sooner rather than later
Stu7: Looks like Rowe has busted an oar
CozzieCan: @Pies pmsl ..
PJ39301965: Heís going gently down the stream Stu
Stu7: Hot Cross Suns at cooling off
Yelse: worried about all the sydney players vs richmond
Stu7: Terrible kicking by Suns
kascadev8: need to get it to tex
zadolinnyj: rex on bench i think
Yelse: berry gone backwards ffs
navy_blues: do u guys know neale had scans on his back and neale himselfsaid they werent good
Pies20: We should of gone dow at this rate @yelse
Hazza09: Ffs Berry stop giving away points
CozzieCan: Tex eating all the half time food . You beaut
Pies20: I've got see more butts who hasn't touched it on more than berry
kascadev8: tex deserved a rest tbf
navy_blues: is tex on bench?
GOATdusty: nah he's at kfc
Stu7: Tex eating all the sausages
CozzieCan: Rowweeeeee
Yelse: laird been on bench a lot wonder why
navy_blues: shoulda been free to tex
Pies20: Now the boat is moving
Legix: that last second went for 5 seconds
Pies20: Tex ntp at any stage if any one else wants to take over let me know winner on the chat
CozzieCan: @Stu loves a Bunnings snag lmao
Wahab_18: Rowe Calm down please.. Bowes please hit targets with your kicks
Stu7: @CozzieCan - ha ha pi55a
Pies20: Ok good we not doing ntp
Apachecats: Chat broken again?
a1trader: Tempted to drop Mason Cox for Walker
CozzieCan: Glad the footys back , this time last year was a shocker for AFL
Apachecats: Tex 102 Pies20 ,3rd attempt.
m0nty: Butts got a kick finally!
PJ39301965: Yeah Butts got a possi
Napper: Can someone explain how Butts is on 31 with 1 kick and 1 tackle that doesn't make sense
Ooost: Sloane has been an excellent replacement for Rowell
Stu7: @Napper - I was about to ask the same thing
PJ39301965: Itís mainly spoils Napper canít be anything else
Gambino: Fists of steel
Gambino: Keep going big Tex
Pies20: I've got see more keep going get another touch!!
CozzieCan: Texxxxxxiii
Hazza09: Is Berry going to get another touch? What a nightmare selection this was
Cottees: is Berry in the centre now?
Cottees: starting to get the ball by the looks
kascadev8: sloane looks good this year, better than my taranto selection
Ash777: damn laird 7 tackles
navy_blues: number 5
CozzieCan: Oh what a feeling , TexOwners !!!
zadolinnyj: texas
Ash777: finally a vc choice is working for me.
kascadev8: brought tex in, feeling the W
Pies20: Keep going see more
danalps: Witts knee injury looked bad
Pies20: Boat and berry move
Hazza09: flower
navy_blues: rob is dropping every mark
PJ39301965: Bowes is finally starting to get some point keep going
Yelse: why is sexton spending so little time on the ground
navy_blues: tex has norf next week prob kick 12
CozzieCan: VC tex next week boys
navy_blues: thinking that cozzie
kascadev8: yep 100% agree
kascadev8: tex plays on sunday, yikes, maybe not the vc but the straight up C
Raspel31: Swore I'd stick with Neale - to my regret- and never touch Tex.But I did. Go lad.
CozzieCan: @Kas no clarry or Gawn or Titch of Fyfe for C ?
kascadev8: oh nah ive got titch fyfe gawn. thought the gap between games was less than it is Coz
jellybean: Evening all
jellybean: Heres to a good game Apache
Raspel31: Fyfe will go huge this week kasca
Stu7: Go OíBrien go you good thing
Apachecats: Yes Jellybean ,looks like we got the close one.
m0nty: That's big, Butts!
Stu7: Butts is really expanding
vartic: Isn't Fyfe out this week?
PJ39301965: I like big Butts
Pies20: These rookies are hard work, see more good result
kascadev8: go the texan. rowe been seen since 1QT?
Malaka: Go, Seymour Butts!
faisca7: Keep saying it Pies20, you'll get a laugh eventually
Olli32019: Sloane
Ooost: Bowes came back well
Olli32019: Sloane what a game tonight
PJ39301965: Iíve got a big choice Fantasia or Butts now
Pies20: Should have played dow over rowe and benched berry
Stu7: I think Rowe will get dropped next week
Ooost: Was hoping for 100 from Sloane anything above is just icing on the cake
Pies20: I know right @faisca @malaka has joined in
Stu7: Come on OíBrien ton up buddy
navy_blues: not every rookie is a gulden they will be inconsistent
m0nty: that Butts, you can't touch him
Cottees: Laird has just been useless this quarter... so annoying
a1trader: the Crows would be very happy if Rowe got 2 goals a week
kascadev8: who do crows have that could come in over rowe?
Pevo: Why does Walker's score constantly roll back between possessions? Dropped about 20 points through game/
a1trader: everyone has Laird so doesn't matter what he does
kascadev8: 6fa for tex, lovely
exatekk: go crom
Cottees: alot of my opponents do not have Laird. That is why it is annoying
zadolinnyj: mchenry not afl level
Pies20: Yeah understand that @navy just frustrating picking the wrong one's to play every week so far
kascadev8: if rowe cant go big against norf i think its bye bye
Pies20: Goal from rowe would be huge right now, see mo
navy_blues: berrys tackle got that goal
Pies20: See more great game
Stu7: @kascadev8 - maybe Hately
Wo0lfee: Ying Yang for Rowe? Shocking 2nd half :(
Stu7: Well done OíReilly good stuff
navy_blues: only cos witts went down lol
kascadev8: laird was on 93, got a +6 but score only went up by 1 :(
PJ39301965: Iím pretty happy with Tex, Laird, Bowes and Butts
Apachecats: exacltly navy blues ,he was ordinary up till then.
Apachecats: 40 for Rowe ,lot better than a donut which I thought I was getting.