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Ooost: Have Ziebell, Powell, Dunkley and Jmac on field.. McNeil and Scott on the bench.
navy_blues: ziebell dunks bont macrae daniel on field
amigaman: Dunkley & Powell + Scott on the bench
navy_blues: and powell
navy_blues: vc bont or mcrae im sure i will go wrong way lol
Yelse: who has brought in the tex walker ??
navy_blues: me
Yelse: would you play dow or powel or berry ?
Juddtastic: Dunks, Bont, Powell & Ziebell - Scott on the bench
Yelse: worried dogs mids won't let the north ones with the ball
Juddtastic: I would go Dow. I want to see how he goes with the Carlton outs.
Ooost: Walker will bring you a lot of cash, I can't see him being a keeper though
navy_blues: im a fan of young berry from adel havent got him yet but prob will
Yelse: its all about the cash early on @ooost out cardwell for walker
kascadev8: good afternoon legends, gone cripps to impey, deciding on h jones to t walker/c warner
PJ39301965: Afternoon all
PJ39301965: Dunks, Daniel, Ziebell and Powell with Scott on the bench
navy_blues: ok VC on macrae bont prob be on fire now i always seem to go wrong vc choice
navy_blues: also be watching cunnington today
kascadev8: worth correcting harrison jones to chad warner or tex walker?
Yelse: decided to play berry and put powel on the bench
navy_blues: both good choices kasca
PJ39301965: Iíve got Warner and Iíll be bringing in Tex later
Pies20: Pj you won the empty longkneck ntp last night, someone else can pick the player today, only got dunks playing this game
kascadev8: @Navy yeh, not sure which one tbh, warner has essendon next week so could go big, tex on fire tho
navy_blues: i went tex cos i want the cash input but dont let that sway you
_Wang_: Hi all I've got ziebell, Powell, macrae, dunkley and daniel
navy_blues: tex has gc then north freo and hawks next 4 weeks
kascadev8: got time for this game to finish while i decide. got ziebell, daniel and L McNeil (E). scott on the bench
PJ39301965: Here we go again with Luke Darcy calling the dogs again.
kascadev8: accidently refreshed my SC page and now the glitched supercoach stats is gone. very sad :(
Gotigres: good start Daniel
Gotigres: Gardner out
Juddtastic: Darcy & Brayshaw commentating - will have to watch this on mute.
kascadev8: anyone else watching cunnington closely?
Hazza09: Dunkley asleep?
kascadev8: @Haz just got smacked in the head
_Wang_: @kasca I am
Spifflicat: Hi all, Kangas up and about early
Hazza09: @kasca lol
kascadev8: good start from daniel + ziebell, hopefully mcneil will follow
Ooost: Most of my opponents have C on Jmac, would be beneficial for him to stay below Grundy
zadolinnyj: gents
Legix: need dunkley to turn his brain on
Hazza09: Thinking was a mistake going with Bailey Smith
_Wang_: Dunks asleep zzzz
zadolinnyj: bruce super man 1/4
TheFlagger: bruce double ton
GOATdusty: glad i went with houston instead of b.smith
Ooost: Ziebell has seemingly been a great pick
exatekk: hey all
Hazza09: You got that pick spot on @Goat
Hazza09: I will trade Smith to a premo in 3 weeks if this continues
zadolinnyj: round 1 looked like a genius with steph martin. not so much now. got the cash to get gawn but was hoping to get more out
Ooost: A lot of unhappy people with Big Stef I'd think
Gotigres: Is the man on the mark allowed to jump?
kascadev8: @gotigres, yes, you can jump up, just no sideways movement
FLAG: what you doing bont?
Gotigres: Thanks kascadev
hinsch: bont must have worn himself out last week not doing much so far
Hazza09: Has Daniel shower the bed?
Gotigres: Daniel fallen asleep
colin wood: Hope everyone got on Dunkley love the free points to prems 💪 love after them CD 🤣
Ooost: indeed colin, good times.
kascadev8: mcneil daniel 2nd quarter started
Gotigres: Gran sucking on a wooden one lol
navy_blues: yeah she was having a good blow lol
Ooost: a solid 60 from Powell please.
Yelse: thats harsh on JY
navy_blues: the commentators all went quiet when they saw that lol
Hazza09: Wake up Baz Ffs
Catatafish: Young thinking he still plays for the bulldogs
FLAG: lift Bailey
boxy36: What's happened to Daniel? Gone to sleep?
navy_blues: lots of baileys in this game lol
boxy36: In other news, keep going Ziebell, and lift LDU
kascadev8: only the 1 kickin for daniel this quarter, needs more of the footy
Ooost: Big Quarter for Dunks
cmperrfect: Cunners looking good in his first game back.
Hazza09: Think I read too much into Bazís game in Rd 1
navy_blues: ziebell getting plenty of the ball
cmperrfect: Love the waxing by the dogs. Haha. 20pts in 5 sq metres.
GOATdusty: kade simpson would be proud of all the chips ziebell is getting
Oddsy5: ziebell seagull
Raspel31: Hmm- perhaps Dunkley a better choice for VC?
kascadev8: @GOAT we all love chips
navy_blues: take it u dont have ziebell goat?
Pies20: Ntp dunkley 147 for me check results on the chat pj has the first empty longkneck award won't be doing this all season
Haydo: Dunkley 125
Pies20: Team effort it you are keen to participate
Gotigres: Dunkley 132
Raspel31: I have a rule to never have a Norff player in my team- expect no happy endings.
GOATdusty: correct navy lol, wanted to but could fit in the cap, should i?
kascadev8: dunkley 110 please bud
GOATdusty: *couldnt fit
Ooost: 118 on Dunkley
PJ39301965: Dunks @119 for two in a row.
navy_blues: for the price and role he plays i think he has a lot of upside
PJ39301965: All my 3 opponents hav McRae as capt including 1 who had Grundy as VC. Happy with that so far.
Apachecats: I'll go 133 Dunkley thanks pies20.
Ooost: Same here PJ, a few of mine must have forgotten to loophole Grundy.. Good times.
Pies20: Think if we are keen on the ntp maybe a supporter from one of the teams playing should pick the player
FLAG: ziebell 81sc 0 goals, bruce 4 goals 71sc
PJ39301965: So far so good Ooost. Fingers crossed he stays low
zadolinnyj: 126 Dunks for me
Pies20: And check the chat to see who wins honour system on how many empty longknecks won for the season
Thomas1234: 115 for dunkley
SadBlueBoi: I think you mean 5 goals Bruce FLAG
Raspel31: 128 Dunks if I may old boy?
Pies20: Either way I'm not fussed if we do or don't do it, but i can't do every game every week
SadBlueBoi: Will Bruce ever become SC relevant?
zadolinnyj: davies unakard tries to be martin every time he gets the ball. just take the first option. keeps getting himself in trob
srj2409: Will any kpf ever become sc relevant?
kascadev8: gee if you get tex in this week you'd be able to sideways him to cunnington in a few, thatd be nice
Gotigres: 150 please Ziebell
Ash777: Bruce has done much better this year so far
navy_blues: ntp on game margin lol
kascadev8: @srj hawkins was last year?
PJ39301965: I think the new rules are making them more relevant this year
FLAG: cunners and simpkin on never again list
Gotigres: Get involved Powell
Grimes Jr: time to get a move on macrae
cmperrfect: Roger that kasca
kascadev8: first game back for cunners, looks alright. need daniel and mcneil to lift
srj2409: No one bad Hawkins last year
Gotigres: Anderson out
FLAG: not paid the power bill monty
zadolinnyj: anderson out
Hazza09: How is Caleb only on 70?
cmperrfect: Ok, C option required. Thanks McCrae
Gotigres: Obviously Gawn cmperrfect
cmperrfect: Who do we all have as C this week?
PJ39301965: Iím on Gawn with the C
Ooost: C on Aiden Fyfe
Gotigres: Danger C, Grundy VC
Stu7: Grundies
srj2409: Get Macrae off the bench ffs stuck there for ages
Pies20: Grundy vc cmp taking that score
Apachecats: Same Ooost ,most popular capt this week.
GOATdusty: maccrae has no interest in this rubbish game
Napper: Macrae get off the bench u flog
navy_blues: fyfe is playing tonight
Pies20: Are people keeping faith with rowe tonight?
exatekk: no he's not navy
AlsoGmax: Surely they take Naughton off.
kascadev8: fyfe?? aiden fyfe isnt named :/ dont tease me
Apachecats: yes pies20 ,but no choice.
navy_blues: could just see every1 double checking teams for tonight lol
Stu7: @Pies20 heís on the bench for me
Napper: Surely Daniel is around 100 for his efforts, his stats are perfect
PJ39301965: On my bench Pies
Ooost: unsure to field Brockman or Rowe
FLAG: bruces 6 snags worth less than zieelss 0 snags
Badgerbadg: May as well give norf the wooden spoon now
hinsch: Bont hopfully gets a bit of junk time in the last Qtr
Hazza09: @Napper heís been robbed hard!
Pies20: Myn is rowe or dow?
Ash777: Haven't seen a dog performance like this since the bombers game in 2019.
kascadev8: big last quarter for daniel and ill be thrilled, worth getting brockman on to avoid the mcniel score?
SeasickJac: @BadgerBadg Essendon vs Norf for the Wooden spoon
Badgerbadg: Rowe will bounce back after last week imo
GOATdusty: not robbed at all, fair score
Ooost: I think I'm going to stick with Rowe
FLAG: this is what happens when a pack of dogs hunt roos
CozzieCan: Ziebell best pick up this year hands down
kascadev8: no budarick tonight so expecting a good rowe score
Ooost: agreed CozzieCan
Hazza09: Baz only 63 from 22 disposals, horrible
CozzieCan: In the forward line that is .. E.Gulden best rookie
navy_blues: ziebell will get a good price rise had be of -34 b4 this game
Ooost: a guy I work with was trying to tell me that Gulden 'isn't that good' (he doesnt have Gulden)
dabombers: highmore out
Stu7: Shattered I didnít keep Ziebell
Gotigres: Highmore omitted
Ooost: highmore out means i need to E Cox, damn
Gotigres: Bergman omitted
tolerant16: Witches hats for all north players
GOATdusty: are north the worst team in the comp?
Ash777: Meter's gained needs to be looked at or scrapped.
Yelse: macrae and bont mares today, even with thrashing, daniel better tone up
Ooost: waterman in
PJ39301965: Ziebell was a $41k rise with proj 60 nice dollars coming
CozzieCan: Found Dunkley the most consistent in this bulldogs side
PJ39301965: Come on Daniel ton up please
FLAG: do something bont ffs
WobWobble: Ziebell likely to be top 8 Fwd so price rise irrelevant.
kascadev8: gee highmore dropped, no access to hawthorns squad, hopefully he plays even as the med sub
boxy36: LDU is really frustrating to watch in this one
Ooost: Hoping Scott and McNeil keep their spots for more bench cash
Grimes Jr: will cozzie play. worried now with highmore out
Yelse: seriously daniel after first quarter done nothing
colin wood: rubbish can for macrae
GOATdusty: daniel is overrated
Ash777: well the ball has barely been down back for Daniel to get.
Grimes Jr: thank you jackson
Ooost: Have the same fear Grimes
boxy36: Hard for Daniel to impact when ball has lived in dogs forward line
kascadev8: marcae stay at that score, cos ur lower than neale rn
Pies20: Doesn't look like he has had to much @yelse
bones351: Could very well be a donut in the back line. Wouldnít surprise if Kozi is omitted.
cmperrfect: Time for the witches hats m0nty.
kascadev8: gotta hope treacy gets selected now that he is allowed to play, moved clark down back and taking mcneil, should avoid 0s
original: Bont on 76 spare me. Done nothin. 27 at HT game is over
Hazza09: Would the Hawks drop Kosi?
Ooost: get some junk Powell its your time to shine.
StarvyJ: Atlas for Ziebell, witches hats for the rest, trash can for Macrae
GOATdusty: epic bin stats form maccrae you legend
Schillaci: treacy isn't playing this week. Longmuir has said he is travelling but will not play.
Ooost: Most people would be relying on Kozi to play I suppose anyway
kascadev8: @schill ah no, now i have to take jones :(
boxy36: Macrae absolute junktime now
Pies20: Get to 60 powell please
Apachecats: Reckon Kosi safe with Day injured.
GOATdusty: kosi was better than o'brien last week, but i guess o'brien is more established in the team
kascadev8: jordan clark safe? need him to be to avoid a tasty pink frosted donut
Yelse: would you go Dow or Rowe?
CozzieCan: Think A.Scott has done enough to field over Rowe
Ooost: Rowe with no great confidence.
kascadev8: rowe @Yelse, budarick not playing and id have thought he'd go to rowe
Ooost: 9 for Bruce, amazing.
Pies20: I'm the same @yelse what you thinking?
Gotigres: Is Ziebell on Bruce?
CozzieCan: GOD has the c on Bruce
kascadev8: 10 for bruce, yum
AlsoGmax: Good times.
Ash777: wow 10 goal haul.
Yelse: thinking rowe @pies20
duckky: This is the year of the power forwards
GOATdusty: monty couldve kicked 10 goals against this rubbish
Pies20: This is embarrassing wow kangas are shower
Pies20: Same @yelse
DragonLass: the 50.2% of players who didn't take Ziebell must feel a bit sheepish
GOATdusty: this is the biggest score ive seen for a while
kascadev8: need 2 more daniel points noooooo haha
Spifflicat: What a blood bath!
Pies20: A little bit @dragon
kascadev8: how many others have a very nice projection boost thanks to ziebel?
Ooost: Can you live with 108 on Jmac @PJ.. Could have been a hell of a lot worse
GOATdusty: yea i'll have to get him this week
Apachecats: Apache has gone close on the long neck ,hope its not bone dry PJ
Grimes Jr: love you jmac
kascadev8: i said 110 for dunks, not correct, but closer than i thought
PJ39301965: It is Apache it was empty when I got it
PJ39301965: Apache at 133 won the ntp from Gotigres on 132
Pies20: Cheers pj
feralmong: But Bont C was a failure.