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PAFC4eva: hello all just grundy vc in this one
Cottees: Hello all, got Grundy VC and holding Neale unless really late change
Apachecats: Hi PAFC ,same here with Grundy VC.
Apachecats: Grundy up against a fill in ruck
Cottees: Yeah Grundy should get most hitouts, just hoping collingwoods midfield can make them all advantage
Apachecats: I've gone Brisbane by 27.They deserve it.
navy_blues: only crisp for me
Cottees: Also tipped Lions but by 13
Schillaci: Neale VC and Daniher
navy_blues: hoping grundy has a bad one make him drop further in price
m0nty: great start by Grawndy
navy_blues: and of course grundy is flying lol
_Wang_: Hi all
PJ39301965: Evening all VC on Neale here
exatekk: Evening all. VC grundy. Was gonna take Dunkley, but no ruck for lions is pretty juicy
Pies20: Traded rob to Grundy kept neale vc Grundy go pies
GOATdusty: grundy vc, gawn c.
exatekk: m0nty, page was saying i wasnt logged in for the last 20 minutes. but i was?
GOATdusty: grundy 150 plus easy, lock it in
kascadev8: evening all, anyone else keep neale? gonna back him in for the year. VC Grundy
_Wang_: Vc Grundy here, daniher and neale as well
exatekk: defo kept Neale Kas. Evening!
GOATdusty: same here wanger
Pies20: Same for me @wang
kascadev8: got howe neale grundy in this
m0nty: yeah I am testing out a few things, sorry about that
GOATdusty: yea i couldnt log in
navy_blues: gee bris are woeful atm
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jack Payne just got some max pain from big Cox.
original: Danger to zorko last week why y why y
exatekk: all good m0nty. Just weird stuff goin on.
GOATdusty: neale you filthy thing, love it
Schillaci: Neale you beauty
royboy16: got rid of Neale,never like losing money, now watch him 150+
wadaramus: Took the VC off Neale and put it on Macrae..
valkorum: Watch Neale tonne up after everyone traded him out
RooBoyStu: Go VC Neale, lol to those that wasted a trade
_Wang_: Neale always going to go big
GOATdusty: hopefully he does. ppl never learn do they lol
thesilentl: Pies don't tag so neale will go ok, but everyone else will tag him out of games
exatekk: hope so val. dumb move trading him
kascadev8: neale only got 3 points for his goal :(
cmperrfect: CD really do hate Taylor Adams.
beerent11: Evening.
Pies20: So far so good with the rob to Grundy trade never trade out a premo is my motto but gone against that
RooBoyStu: Come on Lions beat these Skunks
Pies20: Hi @beer
beerent11: Got the vc on grundy but will need a rookie to not be named to use it
PAFC4eva: grundy vc working well
srj2409: Adams going at 30%. CD donít hate him, he hates them
GOATdusty: ballk butchers, dont deserve love from cd
wadaramus: WTF is Howe doing?
beerent11: You had to do that one pies. Was gonna hurt too much over a season.
RoughRed: @kascadev8 only 3 points because it did not go through on the full, shepherd assist from daniher lol
beerent11: Welcome back lachie.
kascadev8: @Rough ah easy, didnt know that haha
PAFC4eva: might have to use one of fyfe or caldwell for vc loop beer
RooBoyStu: @Rough went on the full, went low but on full
valkorum: I have VC on grundy, if he continues this way I have to hope Idun doesnt get named for GWS
cmperrfect: Agree rooboy, bounced after the line for sure.
exatekk: well preparing to loop already, Treacy a definate no starter this week??
royboy16: rroboy, do they amend the scores later?
RooBoyStu: Yep should've gone to specsavers Rough lol
bones351: Have Grundy VC but donít think Iíll be able to use it.
bones351: Should have just put the C on him
beerent11: I heard on a podcast that treacy is eligible for selection this week. Might want to check that exatekk
kascadev8: using fyfe as the loop, easy win
RooBoyStu: @royboy ask m0nty
beerent11: Ok, how many bought in the Texan?
exatekk: got fyfe too. might consider E looping Fullarton tho
CozzieCan: D.Rich has been a great pick up
srj2409: No. Treacy Round 5. Terrible podcast if theyíve got that wrong.
bones351: Not going to change my trades to get VC. Caldwell&Tyson to Jordon&Berry. Wonít know about Kozi or Brockman till Sunday.
wadaramus: Yep.
Raspel31: Okay, I can live with this Neale you naughty boy. And yes beer- goes up $95,000 next week.
kascadev8: rich is good, gonna have to figure out how i can work him in
beerent11: Go Fullerton
Apachecats: test post on Microsoft edge.
_Wang_: Lions are terrible wow
Napper: Does anyone reckon treacy will play heís my loophole for Grundy?
Haydo: Treacy is available for selection this week srj
wadaramus: I'm on Edge too Apache, works fine.
beerent11: I put him in and out of my team all week rasp, just couldnít do it. Fixed rookies instead.
kascadev8: i think treacy may play
Apachecats: Worked out how to dodge the Not secure site setting.
Kingy12: Evening guys. Just home from my shift at maccas lol. What did I miss
bones351: Wonder how many traded Grundy after Rd1 and Neale after Rd 2?
Raspel31: Was him or Campbell beer- did the same.
thesilentl: Lions being kept in this by the umps
srj2409: 16,331 or 9.2% traded Neale hahah
navy_blues: i got tex in money windfall
beerent11: Around 3000 traded grundy out
thesilentl: Degoey head taken off, play on apparently
beerent11: 16331 traded Neale out
srj2409: Oh I see the AFL made up a special rule just for treacy. Lol. Another rule on the run
original: Shockin neale
kascadev8: looked to me that de goey ducked, assuming im thinking the same play
beerent11: 21883 traded in texan
beerent11: Little creatures pale is shower hot
GOATdusty: lol 9.2% flogs
bones351: Sorry, I meant both Grundy and Neale. Wonder how many were that silly? Haha
PAFC4eva: might make that 21884 beer
wadaramus: Go the big Texan!!!
beerent11: Clarko wanted treacy to play srj2409
CozzieCan: Who accidentally left VC on Grundy from last week ? Oops
Kingy12: Kept Grundy, didnít have Neale, but think I need Rich. Have Saunders (haw) loophole
Apachecats: One of my favs beerent
PAFC4eva: keep fyfe dow for tex
kascadev8: lets go neale
Napper: God I wish treacy doesnít play Grundy looking like 200
Kingy12: Yeah, I did Cozzie. Masterstroke by looks of it haha
GOATdusty: this game is over
PJ39301965: @Napper, Gods not here yet but he has C on Grundy
arbel: What's Grundy BE... might get it
GOATdusty: ok maybe not
beerent11: GOD Is always watching pj
GOATdusty: grundy 175sc b/e
kascadev8: go neale come on
Schillaci: Neale may reach his too. around 280 iirc
PJ39301965: He will come on in the 3rd qtr Beer I would suggest
original: How much of a certainty is a brown brother trying to draw a high free ffs hate to see it
beerent11: What were our trades this week? Me Bruhn to berry, sharpe to young.
Schillaci: sharp to jordon and phillips to butters
Apachecats: Playing FlyingJellybeans in Fanfooty1 SC league. Any one here ?
thesilentl: @original salty much?
exatekk: Hunter to Flynn and McNeil to Jordan
kascadev8: beer, gonna move cripps on, maybe to butters
Apachecats: VC Grundy tracking for a 200SC
beerent11: Iíve got port4eva
Kingy12: Blicavs to Ridley, chugg to switkowski
PJ39301965: Iíve got MarksMenFolk
PAFC4eva: no trades as yet have caldwell and fyfe
kascadev8: actually ive gotta get impey this week, cripps to impey
Yelse: contemplating what to do with fyfe playing fwd worried me a bit
PAFC4eva: wait to see what powell and rowe get tomorrow have e on both
Stu7: So glad I looped Grundy tempting to go Macrae
GOATdusty: am i the only one whos being conservative with my sc trades?
kascadev8: go grundy, beast
Brad_J: crom
srj2409: Everyone has Grundy VC who cares
Kingy12: They the only 2 Iíve made goat :)
original: @thesilentl not salty man, just hate seeing players do it. There are some repeat offenders we all know
_Wang_: @goatdusty no trades for, e th
Stu7: GOaTdusty same here
beerent11: Iíve used 2 goat. Donít know if thatís conservative or not
Stu7: Sides us very quiet
Stu7: Sideanus very quiet
GOATdusty: ive used 2, one being danger out. i still have sharp on bench. hasnt made money. may trade in the coming weeks
hinsch: collingwood need to get a tag on Daniher he is getting out of control
CozzieCan: Zorko into Neale next week while heís cheap
beerent11: Little overrated stu7
Ash777: Grundy is playing against a witch's hat.
CozzieCan: Rage trade on Grundy , useless .
Kingy12: Are we doing a NTP on anyone for this game?
kascadev8: maybe i should try back cripps in for 1 more week
zadolinnyj: Grundy playing nobody
Apachecats: Have retired from NTP kingy12 ,good fun during lockdown.You are welcome to the NTP franchise.(or anyone else.
Pies20: Big scores coming up keep going pies, brizzi will hang around all night like last week
GOATdusty: cripps has to go, never shouldve got him. terrible last year anyway
wadaramus: What about that putrid smelling virtual t-shirt?
wadaramus: I can still smell it from here!
Apachecats: It actually fell apart wada.
Pies20: Let's go grundy 179 for me @kingy
Kingy12: Iíd take it over Apache but my shifts at maccas would be greatly affected
Kingy12: Iíll go 187 pies
kascadev8: @GOAT yeh was horrible from me, regretting it, feel like rowell was still worth a shot though
Apachecats: Yeah Kingy theres actually a bit of work in it ,I'd stick to Maccas.Might do one now and then for old times sa
Apachecats: *old times sake.
Hazza09: I went Dunkley over Grundy as VC, will cost me dearly this week
Apachecats: Yeah pies20.! I'll go 206 for grundles.
Kingy12: Hahaha. Yep, sounds good Apache
PAFC4eva: grundy 210 4 me pies ha ha
Stu7: Grundy 175 for me
Water: yes glad NTP is back ! ill go 181 for Grundy please
Raspel31: Snuck away from dinner- go Mr Neale.
_Wang_: 185 Grundy for me
PJ39301965: 163 for me pies
TheFlagger: 158 for me pies
Pies20: Ntp on the site fellas we can look back on the chat to see who is closest, t
Pies20: I'm definitely not sticking my hand up for this gear @kingy help me haha
Oddsy5: 177 for me
kascadev8: not sure if mine loaded, but id like 210 please
Stu7: Colliwobbles
bones351: Bloody Daniher showing what heís capable of. plow. Haha
Apachecats: Whats the prize pies20? ,hahaha
Rach: Greetings all - long time follower first time poster lol! I'll take VC Grundy for 197 thanks
Kingy12: Sorry pies.... my hands are tied and the masses have spoken lol
Pies20: We should do it that way someone picks a player at half time first in,all can check on the chat the next day easy agree?
kascadev8: lift neale
Haydo: 172 for Grundy
Apachecats: Welcome to the madhouse Rach.
beerent11: Welcome rach
Stu7: Grundy stopped
Kingy12: Welcome Rach. And yup, agreed pies
thesilentl: Wow, some dubious frees for brissy here
beerent11: Youíre a hard man/woman kascadev
PJ39301965: Welcome Rach
navy_blues: 169 grundy
wadaramus: Have fun posting Rach, bunch of wackos here!
wadaramus: Happy to see Grundy regressing, since I started without him!
kascadev8: @beer, i identify as an attack helicopter, thanks
Hazza09: Lift Neale FFS
Baldfrog: First prize for NTP is either set of false teeth or english leasons
beerent11: Grundy looks desperate again.
thesilentl: Pies cant buy a holding call
Pies20: Pheew that's the rules fellas, @rach yes yes we are
Kingy12: Speak for yourself wada lol ;)
CozzieCan: Grundy 3rd qtr started champ
Apachecats: Fair bit of mayonaise on that Mayne.
beerent11: Haha Neale on 87 with 10 till 3qtr time and folks arenít happy
kascadev8: @Coz saving for a huge last quarter
Pies20: I was more thinking a empty long neck @baldy but good imput
Kingy12: Glad I resisted bringing in Moore
Stu7: Bloody Grundy, I might have to use McCrae as captain after all
wadaramus: Pump it up Jeremy Howe!
Baldfrog: Thanks pies20 feels good to contribute
Stu7: Beer, chips, pies, goals???????
kascadev8: go the howe
beerent11: Takes all types kasca.
Apachecats: Is the magpie green vest on? Or just picking up points on the bench.?
Pies20: Always respect your contribution @baldy haha
valkorum: Damn it, I have Robertson on the bench and DeGoey on the field :(
Apachecats: Have to unloop my loop at this rate Grundy.
coda1214: Jordan NoShowey doing it again, game on the line and goes missing, typical pea heart.
Stu7: Michoke
vartic: Hasn't been a terrible start to the season but Adams was a huge mistake
beerent11: Plenty of time for grundy to go 130+
beerent11: Sidealps top 6v
GOATdusty: grundy still 140 plus
Wo0lfee: Jail this plz Grundy
beerent11: Sidealps top 6?
kascadev8: neale lets go buddy
Hazza09: FFS Neale come on
bones351: Robertson is looking pretty good
beerent11: **sidealps top6?
bones351: Bit expensive though
beerent11: Grundy goes BANG
Rach: Hard to comment - says not logged in but I am. First one must've been a fluke
kascadev8: neale hasnt touched it this quarter?
Stu7: Michoke up and about
beerent11: Sier has started playing Neale very close at stoppages
Stu7: Ffs Grundies pull em out
Rach: Logon/off everytime?
Pies20: He will get 150 @stu and we will take it
Rach: Anyway thanks for the welcome!
Apachecats: Yeah Rach ,the site has security issues that can lock you out of chat .m0nty reckons hes working on the issues.
Kingy12: Are u on a mobile Rach? Click the chat button not the ok button when u wanna send
navy_blues: rach i find firefox better than other browsers for this site atm
Apachecats: In Edge you can play with your security settings and allow fanfooty in ans a Not secure sirte.Not sure how safe that is.
kascadev8: if neale can get 12 more points ill be incredibly happy
scboy123: Anyone know any rookies that arent playing yet but might play later - i have all 30 playing and i wanna loophole grundy
Apachecats: *as a Not secure site
kascadev8: @scboy maybe alec waterman if essendon stay not so good
Rach: aah ok thanks will try different options Im on work laptop maybe not secure enough
navy_blues: waterman debuting this week
Apachecats: C.Durdin carlton hasn't played yet ,but will get a game eventually.
scboy123: at this point hoping Hazza Jones gets dropped lol
PJ39301965: Fyfe for the Gold Coast
beerent11: Google chrome doesnít work with Fanfooty too well
Baldfrog: Kasca fox sports saying waterman will play this week
kascadev8: @Balf hadnt heard that, thanks for the heads up, could be a look in a couple weeks
wadaramus: Howe is that! Yeah baby!
_Wang_: Neale stopped
navy_blues: think neale gone fishing
kascadev8: jeremy howe goal?? beautiful
beerent11: flower Howes a good footballer
Stu7: Cheers @Pies20
navy_blues: i dont know how hipwood gets regular game at thislevel hipwood gets a game
kascadev8: come on neale get to 100
Hazza09: Whatís happened to Neale?
Stu7: Neales been eating the same oranges as Grundy
beerent11: Maybe with Neale as the younger guys develop heís less the big dog in the midfield. Cripps syndrome?
original: Cmon neale
Tig-Train: So glad I got rid of Neale...
beerent11: Neale still to 110
Stu7: Neale will c9me good heís a champ
Ash777: Both Neale and Cripps are playing with back injuries.
CozzieCan: Zorko Grundy Neale Howe , Daniher rich .. Iím of to the races
Tig-Train: Overrated
beerent11: Not in my side but stoked to see Howe come back so weíll from the injury
kascadev8: go neale you brownlow legend
beerent11: Neale started fwd
zadolinnyj: brisbane should not have traded martin. It is affecting the midfielders
Apachecats: Oh ,so they're paying dropping the ball tonight ,good to see.
beerent11: Good point zad
wadaramus: Rip it up J.Howe!
kascadev8: 10 more neale lets go
beerent11: Ruck/rover chemistry important
Apachecats: McInerny a big out for Brissy also.
exatekk: not really. big O not playing
Hazza09: power weak Neale
Spifflicat: No such rule Apache
mattmac24: Has there ever been such a large difference in hitouts? 53 is nuts
Stu7: Go Grundy you good thing
PAFC4eva: mmm do i take grundys vc score beer
beerent11: Neale will be m4 in my team by next round
Tig-Train: Neale will drop 150k...
beerent11: Pacfc4eva are you formally port4eva?
beerent11: If so yes. You need all the help you can get brother
thesilentl: Umps refuse to call holding in pressure situations
PAFC4eva: always been pafc / 22 guns
Raspel31: Hmm, just escaped from the dinner party. Where you gone Neale?
Stu7: I can smell a draw
kascadev8: neale 8 more lets go
Apachecats: Well Joe ,a leopard doesn't change its spots ,still can't kick.
zadolinnyj: good game
thesilentl: What a joke, umps trying to give this to the lions
beerent11: Ok gotcha
PAFC4eva: agree do need all the help i can get
navy_blues: the umps owe brisane a game lol
Apachecats: umps owe then a game silent
beerent11: 2 possies this half rasp. How was dindins?
Dondeal: Suck it Joe, ya big flog. Good riddance.
Stu7: Brisbane by 1 point
_Wang_: Dondeal haha
Tig-Train: Hahahah this is the best
kascadev8: neale 91, ill take it, better than last 2 weeks
navy_blues: l9lololloll wd brissy
crazzzed: that's a win for the umpires
coda1214: hahah suck it collingwood
Ash777: chokingwood
bones351: How the hell does that happen. Wow.
StarvyJ: Just because you robbed the Lions against the Cats doesnít mean you should give them a win the next week. Pathetic
beerent11: Brisbane season- kickstarted
boondock: season defining minute?
CozzieCan: What a game !!
thesilentl: Umps making up for last week, absolute joke at the end
zadolinnyj: not sure about that crazzzed. As a neutral it was well fought and Brissy won
AlsoGmax: Wow. What a poetic finish.
Pies20: Could see that happening flower me
Stu7: Useless cost me. A tip I changed from bris to Coll
Silz90: Nice Zac - handy pick up in draft
GOATdusty: nah the umps squared it up from last week
royboy16: ewe bewdy
navy_blues: justice is served lol
Tig-Train: Incoming salty Collingwood fans hahaha
bones351: Lachie Neale stopped at half time to allow the others to get the job done. Not helping my SC team at all.
Ash777: The playerr that should of won the game last week does it this week.
crazzzed: zad. week one was well umpired but since then its been poor
royboy16: to be fair, we missed two before we kicked the winner
Olli32019: Haha crazy
kascadev8: thanks boys, c u all tomorrow
scboy123: god damn please harrison jones be dropped
poolboybob: Collingwood get a free home game and still end up whining about the umps
scboy123: 163 from grundy is a must take :/
thesilentl: @tig train terrible umpiring is terrible umpiring. Cost the lions last week and won it for them this week. We just want
zadolinnyj: I think the umpiring was actually good tonight. The 50 was there. very clear.
PJ39301965: Woohoo 163 for me on ntp. Hahaha
zadolinnyj: neal was injured in pre season so fitness still not there. he will come good
Tig-Train: I disagree... it was there
Cr1cketeer: Home game at marvel is not a home game
navy_blues: think rich was very important in that last qtr
StarvyJ: The 50 was there, but you canít coathanger Mayne in a tackle, or push your opponent in the back
kascadev8: the 50 was there i think
Tig-Train: Your round 22 game is fixtures for marvel so they just swapped them... donít complain about location you chose lol
poolboybob: A game in Melbourne in front of >90% Collingwood supporters is not a home game? lol
original: Pies lost cos game was at marvel
Pies20: Good game umpires were fine we didn't put them away early
Trindacut: Pies lost because they have the wobbles. Buckley gone before Rd 14
_Wang_: Neither side played well
Trindacut: Lucky Razor Ray is on the sidelines for biased umpiring. Pies would have won by 10 goals if he was umpiring
beerent11: 162+89= 259 from two premos. Iíll take that