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PlayerGameLast 3TeamGrndTimeHlthNudgeNormProjd
Taylor Adams vs  112114120120  Down110.9
Shaun Burgoyne vs  106112144108  Down109.1
Harry Himmelberg vs  108n/an/a89  Up108.4
Rory Laird vs  9210710795  Up106.8
Kade Simpson vs  1079210296  Down100.0
Christian Salem vs  1088711679  Down97.7
Jake Lloyd vs  11865119124  Down96.2
Jason Johannisen vs  1117810097  Down93.4
Lachie Henderson vs  79988087  Up92.8
Ricky Henderson vs  86919458  Up92.3
Tom McDonald vs  891068696  Down91.4
Steven May vs  87101n/a85  Down90.6
James Harmes vs  1136390111  Down90.4
Brayden Maynard vs  811029090  Down87.0
Tom Jonas vs  828877101  Up86.2
Tom Barrass vs  84n/an/a71  Up85.9
Hayden Crozier vs  9561n/a93  Up85.0
Zach Tuohy vs  81868991  Down84.8
Jeremy McGovern vs  76828289  Up84.4
Jayden Short vs  88n/a7585  Down84.1
Tom Langdon vs  91907979  Down84.0
Brad Sheppard vs  92687186  Up83.8
Harry Taylor vs  74798766  Up83.7
Nic Newman vs  98n/a7367  Down83.6
Luke Hodge vs  85909969  Down82.5
Jamie Macmillan vs  71957591  Up82.5
Phil Davis vs  72789577  Up82.1
Shannon Hurn vs  86657690  Up82.1
Aliir Aliir vs  82n/a10792  Down81.9
Jarrad McVeigh vs  89878886  Down81.9
Nathan Wilson vs  79757679  Up80.5
Alex Rance vs  701076670  Down79.8
Bachar Houli vs  87886255  Down78.3
Alex Keath vs  74n/an/a68  Up77.8
Sam Wright vs  68877875  Up77.7
Dane Rampe vs  75869486  Down77.6
Nick Vlastuin vs  79n/a6890  Down77.5
Scott D. Thompson vs  69729680  Up77.4
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti vs  82796488  Down77.3
Adam Kennedy vs  92626069  Up77.2
Logan Austin vs  76n/a7084  Up77.1
Lachlan Weller vs  8069n/a81  Up77.1
Joel Hamling vs  89687882  Down76.7
Robbie Tarrant vs  73817467  Up76.5
Jasper Pittard vs  71837765  Up76.5
Jacob Weitering vs  77n/a7576  Down76.3
Kamdyn McIntosh vs  76n/a8274  Down76.3
Daniel Rich vs  73907567  Down75.8
Aaron Francis vs  74n/an/a86  Down75.5
Nick Haynes vs  84627065  Up75.4
Jake Carlisle vs  78678090  Down75.4
Andy Otten vs  73686670  Up74.6
Jarryn Geary vs  65976576  Down74.6
Bailey Williams vs  79n/an/a71  Down74.0
Zak Jones vs  81817871  Down73.9
Easton Wood vs  69977157  Down73.5
Marley Williams vs  7380n/a77  Down72.8
Adam Tomlinson vs  80496894  Up72.2
Ciaran Byrne vs  75n/a6955  Down71.2
Ryan Lester vs  72649269  Down71.2
Jimmy Webster vs  69806965  Down71.1
Luke Brown vs  65557972  Up69.9
Tom Cole vs  67n/a6269  Up69.6
Jake Kelly vs  71536770  Up69.1
Harris Andrews vs  83437893  Down69.0
Jackson Trengove vs  81545875  Up69.0
Caleb Marchbank vs  66n/a6366  Up68.2
Jarrod Harbrow vs  72705470  Down67.6
David Astbury vs  60737269  Down66.6
Ryan Burton vs  7270n/a59  Down66.4
Heath Grundy vs  59779059  Down65.8
Thomas Sheridan vs  63656763  Up64.9
Adam Saad vs  5572n/a92  Down64.0
Michael Johnson vs  50856150  Up63.3
Luke McDonald vs  44866358  Up62.9
Aaron Mullett vs  58674976  Up61.9
Dylan Grimes vs  68537346  Down61.8
Shaun Atley vs  59665459  Up61.1
Nathan Broad vs  59n/a6964  Down60.9
Teia Miles vs  65n/a62n/a  Down60.5
Jarman Impey vs  70455569  Up60.3
Sam Rowe vs  60695444  Down59.5
Ben Stratton vs  65645858  Down59.1
Darcy Byrne-Jones vs  53517272  Up59.1
James Aish vs  55735268  Down58.8
Jesse Joyce vs  60n/a6051  Down58.7
Darcy Tucker vs  59565959  Up58.5
Kaiden Brand vs  6162n/a58  Down57.7
Neville Jetta vs  51715368  Down57.5
Oscar McDonald vs  57n/a5865  Down56.5
Jeremy Finlayson vs  51n/an/a65  Up55.5
Matthew Buntine vs  43586263  Up55.3
Jake Kolodjashnij vs  49n/a5747  Up54.3
Bailey Rice vs  53n/a53n/a  Down52.7
Will Schofield vs  53385353  Up51.1
Daniel McStay vs  47545465  Down50.8
Eric Hipwood vs  48n/a6848  Down50.6
Ethan Hughes vs  50n/an/a50  Up50.5
Adam Oxley vs  44605151  Down48.9
Mark Baguley vs  48495448  Down48.7
Sam Gilbert vs  48475245  Down47.6
Nick Robertson vs  44n/a5956  Down47.0
Dale Morris vs  39485947  Down44.6
Jed Bews vs  29534247  Up44.1
Alex Pearce vs  41n/a4441  Up41.9
Lachlan Keeffe vs  29475953  Down41.4
Jack Hombsch vs  40304555  Up40.4
Jack Leslie vs  35n/a4447  Down38.3
Sean Lemmens vs  2361n/a43  Down36.3
Roarke Smith vs  34n/an/a42  Down34.4
Bradley Lynch vs  31n/an/a39  Down31.3


Last 3 = Running average in recent home & away games in this competition.
Team = Running average in last 3 home & away games against this opponent.
Grnd = Running average in last 3 home & away games at this ground.
Time = Running average in last 3 home & away games in this timeslot (day/night/twilight).
Hlth = Health of the player: Sore means 50-100% fit, Injured means 0-49% fit.
Nudge = Subjective push made by FanFooty admins to raw numbers to take into account other factors: Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Norm = Normalisation effect: the factor by which each projection is modified to take into account recent total team fantasy scores given up by the current opposition. Down means the projection is shifted down, while Up pushes the projection up.
Projd = Fantasy point prediction for the next round of this competition.
For a full explanation see this blog post.