FanFooty Tutorial: Commissioner

Why be a Commissioner?
Being the commissioner of a fantasy football league is a job that will only take up as much time as you want to put into it, but if you are committed to putting the time in and enjoying yourself, you can make your league much more than just a game, but a way for you and a bunch of family, friends and acquaintances to share your common interest: football!

Also, unlike being the poor sod who has to organise the office tipping competition, you don't have to go chasing after everyone's tips every week - FanFooty takes care of all of that for you!

How do I start?
To start your career as the next Andrew Demetriou, choose the Create League link from the Account menu once you've logged in. The options you choose on that page are all explained in the other pages in this tutorial, but don't stress terribly if you're not sure what to choose for some of them... you'll be able to change them later. Once you're happy with your initial selections, click on the button at the bottom of the page, and follow the payment process.

Once you're back on the FanFooty site, you'll see some new options in the menu bar. You can change your league's options in the League/Commissioner page. The Team/Commissioner page is where you will see applications from prospective coaches to join your league - they have only got here because they know your league's name and password (presumably because you told them!). If you want to run a team in your own league, you have to use the Join League page and then approve your own team along with the others. You must approve the same number of coaches as are set in your league options before the button appears, on the Team/Commissioner page, for you to officially start your league.

Starting your league means several things. First, your league's draw is worked out. Second, your league's draft order is worked out. Third, a link on the Draft/Preseason page becomes available to open the draft window. If your league is set for an Offline draft, only you (as commissioner) can see the link and use it. If you nominated an Untimed draft, all of the coaches in your league (and you, even if you don't have a team!) can now open the draft window and start picking players. You can make picks on behalf of other coaches, although this power should be used only in consultation with the coaches concerned, of course.

We'll go through your other powers once the AFL season starts and further features are implemented on FanFooty.