FanFooty Tutorial: Add/drop Players

Add and Drop Players
Once you have completed your pre-season draft, that is not the end of your opportunities to pick up new players. Before your fantasy season starts, and also between rounds of your fantasy season, you may swap individual players in and out of your squad. This is done by either going to the Drop Player page and picking a player from your team to drop and then picking one to replace him; or by going to the Add Player page to choose who you want to pick up, and then choose which player from your team he will replace. These pages can be accessed either from the menu or from your Team List page. There is no functional difference between the two methods, but you may find it easier to do one or the other.

The only difference you will see is that depending on which path you choose, some options will be removed to keep your team balance intact. If you choose the player to drop first, you will only be shown players who are eligible to replace him in the same position in your team: if you choose a player who is in your team as a Back, for instance, you will only be shown Backs to replace him. Thus, if you want to replace a player with one of another position by dropping him first, you should move him to your interchange bench. If you choose the player to add first, you will only be able to swap him with players who are in positions he can fill: if you choose to add a Back, for instance, he can only replace a player in your team's Back, Utility or Interchange positions. Note that this means that you can only replace a Defence with another Defence, since your Defence can not be put on your bench.

Coaches on FanFooty are allowed a certain number of add/drops per round, depending on what your league commissioner has set. The default is three (3) per week.

Priority Picks
As in the real AFL, teams who are not performing well in your fantasy league are given "priority picks" to help them recover their competitiveness. On FanFooty, what this means in practice is that teams who are near the bottom of your ladder can qualify for one or two priority picks which they can use to make extra add/drops for their team to pick up good players before the rest of the coaches in your league. Qualification for priority picks is as follows:

To qualify for one (1) priority pick:
  • The team must be in the bottom third of the league (i.e. 5th or worse in a 6-team league, 6th or worse in an 8-team league, 8th or worse in a 10-team league, 9th or worse in a 12-team league, 10th or worse in a 14-team league, 12th or worse in a 16-team league);
  • The team must be at least two (2) wins behind the top-placed team (thus priority picks do not apply in the first round of your fantasy season).
To qualify for two (2) priority picks:
  • The team must be bottom of the league;
  • The team must be at least three (3) wins behind the top-placed team (thus the second priority pick does not apply until the third round of your fantasy season).
Priority picks may be used under two sets of circumstances. The first is in the period up until midnight on the day following the last game of the previous AFL round. No other teams are allowed to make add/drops during this period. Since most AFL rounds finish on a Sunday, this will usually mean that teams have until the end of Monday to use their priority pick in this period. Of course, if there is a Monday game this will mean priority picks can be made until Tuesday, or if it finishes on a Saturday (such as in round 13, 2005) then priority picks apply until Sunday night. If a team has not "used up" their priority picks in this period, they may use them to pick up players discarded by other coaches in their add/drops - after a coach drops a player from their team, no other team may add that player for the next 24 hours unless they have a priority pick or two. The Priority Picks page sets out which teams have priority picks and how many, plus which players are eligible for priority picks during the week, and how long they have left before other coaches can snap them up.