Match Report: 14.7.91 2018 - Collingwood 20.13.133 defeated Melbourne 14.7.91

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Melbourne Player Reports

Injured Oscar McDonald
Cut above his right eye in Q3 required stitches... mothballed in Q4 with concussion... 4 marks and 9 touches. At FB on Cox.

Neville Jetta
Often beaten one on one... 10 possessions and 2 tackles. Mostly matched up on Stephenson.

Cameron Pedersen
Playing a forward/ruck role on Scharenberg
Pedersen contributed with 11 possessions, 3 grabs, 2 tackles and 2 ruck taps.

Tom McDonald
Started on a wing but drifted into attack
McDonald contributed with 16 disposals, 8 grabs, 3 tackles and 6.0 on the scoreboard.

Michael Hibberd
Starting at half back on Hoskin-Elliott
Hibberd contributed with 16 disposals, 3 grabs and 2 tackles.

Max Gawn
First ruck with support from Pedersen
Gawn contributed with 17 touches, 3 marks, 33 hit outs, 1.0 and 4 frees against.

Nathan Jones
Leading the inside midfield
Jones contributed with 26 possessions, 3 marks and 4 tackles.

Mitch Hannan
Starting forward on Howe
Hannan contributed with 8 disposals, 2 marks and 2.0.

Bernie Vince
Starting behind the ball
Vince added 14 possessions and 3 grabs.

Jake Melksham
Starting at half forward
Melksham contributed with 12 touches, 4 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Christian Salem
Playing outside midfield
Salem contributed with 16 possessions, 3 grabs and 4 tackles.

Alex Neal-Bullen
Playing outside midfield
Neal-Bullen contributed with 19 possessions, 3 marks, 6 tackles and booted 1.1.

Jordan Lewis
Starting behind the ball
Lewis added 33 touches and 9 grabs.

James Harmes
Playing an outside game
Harmes contributed with 15 disposals, 2 grabs, 5 tackles and booted 1.1.

Clayton Oliver
Playing inside midfield
Oliver contributed with 31 touches, 4 grabs, 10 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Angus Brayshaw
Matched up on Phillips
Brayshaw added 16 disposals and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Jack Viney
Playing in midfield
Viney contributed with 23 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and kicked 1.0.

Christian Petracca
Playing a HFF role
Petracca added 15 touches and 4 marks.

Joel Smith
Playing in defence
Smith contributed with 16 disposals, 5 marks and 6 tackles.

Bayley Fritsch
Starting on a wing
Fritsch contributed with 19 possessions, 9 marks, 3 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Charlie Spargo
Starting forward
Spargo contributed with 12 touches, 4 marks, 7 tackles and managed 0.1.

Collingwood Player Reports

Sore Daniel Wells
Left ankle knock in Q2... surprisingly returned for Q3... 8 disposals and 4 marks. Rotating forward and midfield.

Mason Cox
First goal... 5.1 from 16 possessions and 8 marks. Playing a ruck/forward role on Oscar McDonald.
Cox also had 9 taps.

Brody Mihocek
Second game... 9 disposals with 8 by foot... also 5 marks... and kicked 1.1. Starting forward.
Mihocek also had 3 frees against.

Will Hoskin-Elliott
Starting at half forward on Hibberd
Hoskin-Elliott contributed with 11 disposals, 8 marks and 4.0 on the scoreboard.

Jeremy Howe
Third tall defender on Hannan
Howe contributed with 17 disposals, 8 marks, 4 tackles and booted 0.1.

Scott Pendlebury
Leading the inside midfield
Pendlebury contributed with 23 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles and kicked 1.0.

Jaidyn Stephenson
Playing forward on Jetta
Stephenson contributed with 12 touches, 5 grabs, 6 tackles and booted 4.3.

Josh Thomas
Playing an outside game
Thomas contributed with 15 touches, 5 marks and managed 3.1.

Tom Phillips
Matched up on Brayshaw
Phillips contributed with 19 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles.

Brayden Maynard
Starting at half back
Maynard also had 16 touches.

Taylor Adams
Playing pure midfield
Adams contributed with 27 disposals, 5 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Jack Crisp
Starting at half back
Crisp contributed with 23 touches, 5 marks and 6 tackles.

Adam Treloar
Starting in the guts
Treloar contributed with 32 touches, 7 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 1.0.

Levi Greenwood
Starting in defence
Greenwood added 6 possessions and 3 tackles.

Matthew Scharenberg
At CHB on Pedersen
Scharenberg added 13 disposals and 6 marks.

Chris Mayne
Starting on a wing
Mayne contributed with 19 possessions, 6 marks, 6 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Steele Sidebottom
Starting on a wing
Sidebottom contributed with 32 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles and managed 0.3.

Josh Daicos
Starting forward
Daicos contributed with 16 possessions, 3 grabs and 3 tackles.

Jordan De Goey
Coming off a HFF
De Goey contributed with 30 possessions, 3 marks and 7 tackles.

Lynden Dunn
At FB on Hogan
Dunn contributed with 11 disposals, 2 grabs and 4 tackles.

Tom Langdon
In defence
Langdon contributed with 20 possessions, 9 marks, 3 tackles and 3 frees against.

Brodie Grundy
First ruck
Grundy contributed with 13 touches, 7 tackles and 38 taps.