Match Report: 11.11.77 2018 - Melbourne 21.20.146 defeated Gold Coast 11.11.77

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Gold Coast Player Reports

Steven May
Could be in trouble for making contact with the umpire in Q2... 21 possessions including 16 kicks... also 8 marks and 2 tackles... and booted 1.0. In defence on Tom McDonald.

Brayden Crossley
Second game... 8 hit outs... also 8 possessions and 3 marks... umps paid him 3FF. Up forward and pinch hitting in the ruck... Lever on him.

Sore Sam Day
Cut above the eye in Q2 following a head clash... 14 touches and 5 marks plus 4 tackles... 2.2 as well. At FF on Oscar McDonald.

Jack Martin
First goal... 19 possessions with 15 by foot... also 5 marks and 2 tackles... and scored 4.0. At half forward on Jetta.

Injured David Swallow
Mothballed in Q4 with ice on his knee and shin... 12 possessions and 3 tackles. In the midfield.

Lachlan Weller
19 touches including 16 kicks... also 4 marks and 2 tackles

Brad Scheer
18 disposals including 13 kicks... also 3 marks

Aaron Hall
Moving between the midfield and half back
Hall contributed with 23 touches, 8 marks, 3 tackles and 1.0.

Nick Holman
Spending time at half forward
Holman contributed with 10 disposals, 4 grabs and booted 1.0.

Jack Leslie
In defence on Weideman
Leslie contributed with 6 touches, 3 marks and 3 tackles.

Jarrod Harbrow
In defence on Melksham
Harbrow added 18 touches and 4 tackles.

Charlie Ballard
Up forward on Hibberd
Ballard contributed with 9 touches, 5 marks and managed 0.1.

Alex Sexton
Starting deep forward
Sexton contributed with 12 possessions, 6 grabs and 1.2 on the scoreboard.

Ben Ainsworth
Pushing up the ground
Ainsworth contributed with 19 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 0.1.

Callum Ah Chee
In defence on Hannan
Ah Chee added 16 touches and 3 grabs.

Rory Thompson
At CHB on Hogan
Thompson also had 5 possessions.

Jarryd Lyons
In the midfield
Lyons contributed with 22 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 3 free kicks given away.

Touk Miller
In the midfield
Miller contributed with 28 disposals, 4 grabs, 8 tackles and managed 0.1.

Michael Rischitelli
In defence
Rischitelli added 12 possessions and 2 grabs.

Jack Bowes
In defence
Bowes contributed with 9 touches, 3 grabs and 2 tackles.

Jarrod Witts
First ruck
Witts contributed with 11 touches, 2 grabs, 6 tackles and 29 ruck taps.

Aaron Young
On a HFF
Young contributed with 18 disposals, 2 marks and kicked 1.2.

Melbourne Player Reports

Jesse Hogan
3 goals in Q4 when the game was over... 3.0 from 22 disposals and 8 marks with 3 tackles... umps paid him 3FF. At CHF on Thompson.

Tom McDonald
4 goals straight to HT... 17 possessions and 7 marks plus 5.1. Up forward on May.

Michael Hibberd
Rebounding out of defence... On Ballard
Hibberd contributed with 17 touches, 2 marks, 2 tackles and managed 1.0.

Bayley Fritsch
Playing a wing/half forward role
Fritsch contributed with 26 possessions, 2 marks and 4 tackles.

Mitch Hannan
Starting deep forward on Ah Chee
Hannan contributed with 17 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 3.3 on the scoreboard.

James Harmes
Spending time in the middle
Harmes contributed with 33 possessions, 9 marks, 6 tackles and 0.3.

Jake Lever
In defence on Crossley
Lever contributed with 13 disposals, 4 grabs and 3 tackles.

Neville Jetta
At half back on Martin
Jetta added 13 possessions and 4 marks.

Jake Melksham
Up forward on Harbrow
Melksham contributed with 21 touches, 6 grabs, 3 tackles and booted 1.3.

Charlie Spargo
Starting deep forward
Spargo contributed with 9 disposals, 2 marks and booted 2.1.

Sam Weideman
Up forward on Leslie
Weideman contributed with 6 touches, 2 tackles and 6 ruck taps.

Dom Tyson
In the midfield
Tyson added 16 disposals and 4 tackles.

Alex Neal-Bullen
In the midfield
Neal-Bullen contributed with 23 disposals, 5 grabs and 2.2.

Angus Brayshaw
In the midfield
Brayshaw contributed with 24 possessions, 2 marks and kicked 1.3.

Nathan Jones
In the midfield
Jones contributed with 25 touches, 3 marks and 7 tackles.

Clayton Oliver
In the midfield
Oliver contributed with 29 touches, 2 grabs, 11 tackles and 0.1.

Oscar McDonald
At FB on Day
McDonald added 12 touches and 3 marks.

Christian Petracca
Up forward
Petracca contributed with 19 disposals, 4 grabs and booted 0.1.

Christian Salem
In defence
Salem contributed with 27 disposals, 8 marks, 4 tackles and 2.1.

Max Gawn
First ruck
Gawn contributed with 18 possessions, 2 grabs, 4 tackles, 41 hit outs and 1.1.

Bernie Vince
In defence
Vince contributed with 14 possessions, 2 grabs and 2 tackles.

Jordan Lewis
On a wing
Lewis contributed with 25 possessions, 9 marks and 2 tackles.