Match Report: 10.17.77 2018 - Western Sydney 10.17.77 defeated Brisbane 5.13.43

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Western Sydney Player Reports

Injured Zac Giles-Langdon
First goal... Right knee sore in Q2 and iced up from HT onwards... 1.0 from 6 possessions and 3 tackles. Small forward with Rich manning him.

Brett Deledio
BackDeledio of old today... 1.0 from 28 possessions and 11 marks plus 2 tackles. Splitting time between midfield and forward.

Sore Aidan Corr
Copped a knock to his shoulder in Q1 and looks sore... 15 disposals including 11 kicks... also 5 marks. Has the resting ruck.

Nicholas Shipley
First game... 7 disposals and 2 marks with 3 tackles... 0.1 as well. Splitting time between wing and half forward.

Sore Callan Ward
Sore after a knock in Q2 but stayed on the field... 19 touches and 5 marks plus 2 tackles. Inside midfielder.

Daniel Lloyd
Pocket and half forward today with Witherden manning him
Lloyd contributed with 20 disposals, 7 marks, 3 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Heath Shaw
Rebounding off the half back flank while minding Cameron
Shaw contributed with 23 possessions, 8 marks and 4 tackles.

Adam Tomlinson
Rotating as a forward and ruck with Andrews manning him
Tomlinson contributed with 19 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles, 3 hit outs and booted 1.1.

Stephen Coniglio
Forward pocket half back and tagging Zorko at times
Coniglio contributed with 28 possessions, 4 marks, 5 tackles and booted 0.2.

Lachie Whitfield
Splitting time between wing and half back
Whitfield contributed with 33 disposals, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Tim Taranto
Inside with an eye on Zorko at stoppages
Taranto contributed with 23 touches, 4 marks, 7 tackles and booted 0.1.

Ryan Griffen
Rebounding off the half back flank
Griffen contributed with 21 disposals, 7 grabs and 1.0.

Harrison Himmelberg
Forward with Cutler watching him
Himmelberg contributed with 12 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 1.1.

Sam J. Reid
Outside mid and forward
Reid added 10 possessions and 4 marks.

Jeremy Cameron
Gardiner manning him up
Cameron contributed with 18 disposals, 6 marks, managed 1.1 and 3 frees against.

Jeremy Finlayson
Running off Rayner
Finlayson contributed with 15 possessions, 6 grabs, 2 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Jonathon Patton
Playing ruck today
Patton contributed with 16 disposals, 6 marks, 2 tackles and booted 0.1.

Matthew de Boer
Outside midfielder
de Boer contributed with 35 possessions, 4 grabs, 5 tackles, kicked 1.0 and 3 frees against.

Jacob Hopper
Inside midfielder
Hopper contributed with 14 touches, 4 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.1.

Nick Haynes
On Hipwood
Haynes added 17 disposals and 9 marks.

Phil Davis
On McStay
Davis contributed with 14 touches, 5 marks and 2 tackles.

Brisbane Player Reports

Sore Oscar McInerney
First game... Looking very sore in the shins during Q4... 9 hit outs... also 7 possessions and 3 tackles... and kicked 0.1. Tall forward and ruck with Corr on him.

Dayne Zorko
Getting a light tag from Taranto and Coniglio at stoppages... 10 possessions and 2 tackles plus 1.2. Inside mid getting lots of attention at stoppages.

Reported Nick Robertson
Reported for striking Himmelberg off the ball in the third quarter... 16 touches and 2 marks plus 5 tackles. Running with resting midfielders.

Sore Jarrod Berry
Left ankle checked out in Q4... 20 disposals and 4 marks with 4 tackles. Providing drive from the win.

Ryan Lester
No stats to QT... 8 touches including 6 kicks... also 3 marks. Wing and outside mid.

Charlie Cameron
Using his outside run on the wing and half forward with Shaw following
Cameron contributed with 14 disposals, 4 grabs and 3 tackles.

Lewis Taylor
Splitting time between wing and forward with Whitfield eyeing him
Taylor contributed with 17 possessions, 8 marks and booted 1.1.

Allen Christensen
Splitting time between wing and forward
Christensen contributed with 20 disposals, 2 marks and 4 tackles.

Mitch Robinson
Head to head with Shiel at stoppages
Robinson contributed with 28 disposals, 2 marks and 6 tackles.

Cameron Rayner
Finlayson has him when forward
Rayner contributed with 14 disposals, 3 grabs, 3 tackles and managed 0.1.

Alex Witherden
Running off Lloyd at half back
Witherden contributed with 22 touches, 5 grabs, 3 tackles and booted 0.1.

Hugh McCluggage
Providing drive from the wing
McCluggage added 16 touches and 7 marks.

Daniel Rich
Manning Langdon at half back
Rich contributed with 28 possessions, 4 grabs, 2 tackles and booted 0.1.

Tom Cutler
Rebounding off half back
Cutler contributed with 20 touches, 6 grabs and 2 tackles.

Eric Hipwood
Has Haynes following
Hipwood added 7 touches and kicked 1.0.

Zac Bailey
Half forward flanker
Bailey contributed with 16 possessions, 4 marks, 2 tackles and managed 0.2.

Harris Andrews
Playing on Tomlinson
Andrews added 16 possessions and 9 grabs.

Jacob Allison
Playing on a wing
Allison added 15 possessions and 7 marks.

Darcy Gardiner
Watching Cameron
Gardiner contributed with 16 disposals, 6 grabs and 4 tackles.

Daniel McStay
Davis has him
McStay contributed with 6 touches, 3 marks and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Stefan Martin
First ruck
Martin contributed with 12 touches, 6 marks and 38 taps.