Match Report: 7.8.50 2018 - Geelong 12.12.84 defeated Port Adelaide 7.8.50

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Port Adelaide Player Reports

Sore Hamish Hartlett
Head collision with Dangerfield left him dazed early in the second... Came back on after HT... 23 disposals including 17 kicks... also 9 marks and 3 tackles. Rebounding off the half back flank.

Sore Ollie Wines
Right knee soreness early in the fourth... Returned midway through the term... 29 disposals and 2 marks with 5 tackles... 1.0 as well... conceded 3 FA. Inside midfielder.

Lindsay Thomas
Late replacement for Todd Marshall... 1.1 from 8 touches and 2 marks plus 3 tackles. Reported for a collision with S.Selwood... Will enjoy a long holiday.

Karl Amon
No stats to QT... 10 touches and 3 marks plus 1.0. Splitting time forward and on the wing.

Darcy Byrne-Jones
16 touches including 14 kicks... also 8 tackles and 7 marks

Dan Houston
16 disposals with 0 by hand... also 8 marks and 5 tackles

Justin Westhoff
Starting on a wing... Splitting ruck duties with Howard
Westhoff contributed with 22 possessions, 6 marks, 3 tackles and 26 taps.

Travis Boak
Predominantly forward with the odd midfield burst
Boak contributed with 23 touches, 4 marks, 7 tackles and booted 0.2.

Jack Watts
0.1 from 18 disposals and 5 marks with 3 tackles

Jack Hombsch
15 touches including 12 kicks... also 7 marks

Sam Gray
Splitting time between midfield and forward
Gray contributed with 15 possessions, 2 marks, 2 tackles and 1.0.

Steven Motlop
Splitting time between midfield and forward
Motlop added 11 touches and 2 marks.

Robbie Gray
Starting forward... Henry following him
Gray contributed with 32 touches, 5 marks, 7 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Chad Wingard
Splitting time forward and on the wing
Wingard contributed with 14 disposals, 2 marks and kicked 0.2.

Tom Jonas
On Dangerfield when forward
Jonas contributed with 21 touches, 15 marks and 2 tackles.

Riley Bonner
6 marks and 22 disposals

Jake Neade
Thurlow running with him
Neade contributed with 9 possessions, 2 grabs, 4 tackles and managed 2.0.

Charlie Dixon
Blicavs standing him
Dixon contributed with 11 possessions, 6 grabs, 2 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Jared Polec
Pacing off the wing
Polec contributed with 25 touches, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Brad Ebert
Inside midfielder
Ebert contributed with 23 disposals, 4 marks and 13 tackles.

Dougal Howard
First ruck
Howard contributed with 10 disposals, 2 grabs, 3 tackles and 15 ruck taps.

Tom Clurey
On Menzel
Clurey added 13 touches and 8 marks.

Geelong Player Reports

Sore Jack Henry
Knockhead from Thomas in Q3 left him dazed... Back on soon after... 7 possessions including 5 kicks... also 3 marks. Running with the resting mid mainly R.Gray.

Sore Mitch Duncan
Head collision with Wines midway through the fourth left him sore... 22 possessions and 5 marks plus 3 tackles... 1.1 as well. Inside midfielder.

Injured Scott Selwood
Bumphead from Thomas left him dazed midway through the second term... 6 possessions including 5 kicks... also 2 marks and 2 tackles

Rhys Stanley
Providing relief in the ruck for Ratagoulea... 45 hit outs... also 10 disposals and 5 tackles... not helped by 4 FA

George Horlin-Smith
First goal... 26 disposals and 5 marks with 7 tackles... 2.0 as well. Very late inclusion for Tom Hawkins.

Jake Kolodjashnij
Failed to touch the ball in Q1... 8 possessions and 3 marks plus 0.1. On the resting ruck mainly Howard.

James Parsons
No touches in the first term... 2.1 from 9 touches and 2 marks

Zach Tuohy
16 possessions with 12 by foot... also 3 tackles and 3 marks

Tom Stewart
16 possessions with 13 by foot... also 4 marks and 2 tackles

Lachlan Fogarty
17 disposals and 2 marks with 9 tackles... 1.0 as well

Jordan Murdoch
1.1 from 17 possessions and 5 marks plus 3 tackles

Patrick Dangerfield
Starting forward... Jonas on him when forward...
Dangerfield contributed with 27 touches, 3 grabs, 4 tackles and booted 1.1.

Sam Menegola
Splitting time between wing and forward
Menegola contributed with 26 disposals, 3 grabs, 7 tackles and 1.1.

Jordan Cunico
Splitting time between wing and forward
Cunico added 15 disposals and 4 marks.

Brandan Parfitt
Providing drive from the wing
Parfitt contributed with 23 possessions, 2 marks and 8 tackles.

Jackson Thurlow
Largely responsible for Neade
Thurlow contributed with 12 possessions, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Tim Kelly
Pacing through the wing
Kelly contributed with 20 touches, 5 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Daniel Menzel
Clurey following him
Menzel contributed with 13 possessions, 4 marks and managed 1.2.

Esava Ratugolea
Starting in the ruck
Ratugolea contributed with 8 possessions, 4 tackles, 19 hit outs and 1.1.

Joel Selwood
Inside midfielder
Selwood contributed with 29 disposals, 3 marks, 7 tackles and 0.1.

Jed Bews
Following Thomas
Bews added 9 touches and 5 marks.

Mark Blicavs
On Dixon
Blicavs contributed with 10 touches, 2 marks and 3 tackles.