Match Report: 15.14.104 2017 - Fremantle 16.10.106 defeated Melbourne 15.14.104

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Melbourne Player Reports

Sore Sam Weideman
Copped a corkie in his right thigh in Q2 which required strapping just above the knee... 0.1 from 5 possessions. At FF on Hamling.

Harley Balic
Second game... 15 possessions and 4 marks plus 5 tackles... 1.0 as well. Starting on a HFF.

Nathan Jones
Tagged by Blakely... 18 possessions and 8 tackles. Leading the inside midfield.

Tomas Bugg
Doing jobs in midfield... often on Bradley Hill
Bugg contributed with 22 touches, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Jake Melksham
Floating from midfield to defence
Melksham contributed with 10 touches, 3 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Jake Spencer
First ruck in the absence of Gawn
Spencer contributed with 13 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 15 ruck taps, 2.0 on the scoreboard and 3 free kicks given away.

Sam Frost
Playing tall defender on Kersten
Frost added 16 disposals and 6 grabs.

Mitch Hannan
Starting forward on Johnson
Hannan contributed with 12 disposals, 5 marks and kicked 0.1.

Jeff Garlett
Playing a FP role on Spurr
Garlett contributed with 15 disposals, 5 marks, 8 tackles and kicked 3.1.

James Harmes
Rotating forward and back
Harmes contributed with 19 touches, 8 marks, 2 tackles and 2.2.

Clayton Oliver
Playing inside midfield
Oliver contributed with 26 touches, 3 grabs and 8 tackles.

Jack Viney
Doing jobs in midfield
Viney contributed with 16 possessions, 4 marks, 8 tackles and 1.1.

Neville Jetta
Playing in defence
Jetta contributed with 12 possessions, 3 marks and 4 tackles.

Tom McDonald
At CHB on McCarthy
McDonald added 21 disposals and 6 marks.

Christian Petracca
Playing a HFF role
Petracca contributed with 20 possessions, 4 marks, 4 tackles and booted 2.0.

Christian Salem
Floating off a HBF
Salem contributed with 23 touches, 4 grabs, 2 tackles and managed 1.0.

Billy Stretch
Coming off a wing
Stretch added 16 touches and 2 marks.

Jayden Hunt
Running off a HBF
Hunt contributed with 18 touches, 4 marks and 2 tackles.

Dean Kent
Starting forward
Kent contributed with 16 possessions, 6 grabs and booted 1.1.

Bernie Vince
Loose in defence
Vince added 25 touches and 6 marks.

Dom Tyson
Playing midfield
Tyson contributed with 28 possessions, 9 marks, 5 tackles and booted 0.1.

Alex Neal-Bullen
Up forward
Neal-Bullen contributed with 24 touches, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 1.0.

Fremantle Player Reports

Lachie Neale
Massive Q3 to lift the Dockers into winning position... 22 disposals and 4 marks with 6 tackles... 4.1 as well... umps paid him 3FF. Mostly forward with stints in midfield.

David Mundy
Second successive game-turning effort... 23 disposals and 3 marks with 7 tackles... 3.0 as well. Starting forward then rotating in the middle.

Sore Stephen Hill
Strapping required to his left calf in Q3 after a knock... 18 possessions and 2 marks plus 3 tackles... 1.0 as well. Playing inside midfield.

Cameron McCarthy
Kicked the winning goal deep in Q4... 2.3 from 20 disposals and 6 marks with 2 tackles. Starting at CHF on Tom McDonald.

Shane Kersten
First goal... 1.0 from 14 touches and 5 marks plus 2 tackles. Deep forward on Frost.

Griffin Logue
Second game... 6 disposals. Starting at half back... switched forward in Q3.

Bradley Hill
Loping off a wing... Bugg putting a bit of work into him
Hill contributed with 19 touches, 7 grabs, 3 tackles and managed 0.2.

Michael Johnson
Third tall defender on Hannan
Johnson contributed with 18 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 5 hit outs.

Nat Fyfe
Rotating midfield and forward
Fyfe contributed with 25 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles, managed 1.1 and 3 free kicks given away.

Brady Grey
Running through midfield
Grey contributed with 6 possessions, 7 tackles and 1.0.

Ethan Hughes
Rotating in defence
Hughes contributed with 17 touches, 5 marks and 3 tackles.

Ed Langdon
Third tall forward
Langdon added 14 possessions and 4 marks.

Joel Hamling
At FB on Weideman
Hamling added 8 possessions and 3 marks.

Thomas Sheridan
Coming off a HBF
Sheridan contributed with 11 possessions, 5 grabs and 4 tackles.

Michael Walters
Starting forward
Walters contributed with 20 touches, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 1.0 on the scoreboard and 3 free kicks given away.

Garrick Ibbotson
At CHB on Watts
Ibbotson contributed with 8 disposals, 3 grabs and 3 tackles.

Lee Spurr
Minding Garlett
Spurr contributed with 18 possessions, 2 marks and 3 tackles.

Connor Blakely
Tagging Jones
Blakely contributed with 23 disposals, 3 grabs and 2 tackles.

Aaron Sandilands
First ruck
Sandilands contributed with 14 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 53 hit outs and 4 free kicks given away.