Chat Log: P1, West Coast 8.8.56 d Port Adelaide 8.6.54

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RGriffen: SPP already giving away free’s
StuL: Ryan seems locked already.
J.Worrall: spp another free and goal
frenzy: all the shower Jacks went to port
m0nty: looking for some more aggro this quarter, could be on
RGriffen: Roos would have been happy to take any of them lbh ;)
frenzy: we'd turn'em into millionaires
RGriffen: That’s true haha. My club would have traded pick 2 for them
J.Worrall: Ryan gone quiet ...
J.Worrall: Barry looks the lock in
m0nty: I suspect McGovern won't return, Barrass on which he wasn't supposed to be until Q3
JockMcPie: not good for Robbie if thats the case
RGriffen: Won’t be touching Ryan. Him and Rioli playing same role plus still got Cripps and LeCras
RGriffen: Also gotta give Venables a game
J.Worrall: rioli has to get a game first
J.Worrall: LeCras just doen't score like he used to - so much less impact
RGriffen: He will play round 1 then gonna take 2 weeks to recover
J.Worrall: Big call, Griff
RGriffen: Also get in Thomas since Gray misses round 1 ;)
J.Worrall: hahaha
StuL: Yeo, kills it at half, can't get a kick on the ball. Thought as much.
J.Worrall: its JLT, so McGovern gets a rest without necessarily being hurt v. much
J.Worrall: anyone got advice on Yeo's hip?
RGriffen: If we knew Hutchings wouldn’t tag would be a great pick
J.Worrall: you're an artist, m8
J.Worrall: A BS artist. Hutchings has been q joke since he started, fantasy wise
shaun300: anyone have any idea why this site no longer works on my mobile?
J.Worrall: Gome from around 90 in DT / Sc to 50, in 5 years.
J.Worrall: 90 to 50 average in 5 years - show me another great pick!
J.Worrall: Ooops, I meant great plow
J.Worrall: your mobile is broken?
shaun300: na it is the same on my ipad
RGriffen: Well he will play midfield all year with no Eagles mids left. Except he will tag
shaun300: Think Barry will hold his spot with another solid game?
RGriffen: Should play round 1 atleast since Polec is out. Too risky for me though
The39Steps: Interesting one here is Redden in SC at $438k.
RGriffen: Still not sure on Redden massive in SC today but his glory days at Lions he was a DT player
duckky: Redden did this in pre-season last year... potential trap
The39Steps: And with so many teams going to be set up similarly he could be a POD.
RGriffen: At least he is starting mid the year though no Prussia or Mitchell. Slightly less risk but still agree really risky
duckky: More interested in Shuey but Ive been burned there before too
RGriffen: I like Sidey in SC. Had a shocking year ball use wise last year and put his SC 10 back compared to normal
The39Steps: With WC's mid struggles, his tackling strengths worth considering. And yes, he has teased before.
RGriffen: Shuey gonna have 100 blokes hanging off him in the actual season. Gonna get tagged all the time imo
RGriffen: 72 point half for Hutchings haha
bones351: haha you would like Shuey ducky. Put him in your team with Jelwood
RGriffen: Shuey M4, Selwood M5, Mathieson M6