Chat Log: P1, Melbourne 19.10.124 d North Melbourne 11.5.71

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facebook23: good to see footy back for 2018
snake_p: good to see the real footy back FB
RGriffen: lol first bounce f'ed up
korza: A big watch on Harley Balic for me
ReggieOz: Footy's back! Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Where are the new players????
m0nty: yeah a few bugs with the new players, working on it
RGriffen: all forwards for dees getting a free run at it
RGriffen: Jacobs looking fit
ReggieOz: All good Monty
m0nty: new boys added, sorry about that
RGriffen: Petracca only 50/50 without Viney and Tyson is a worry
SilverLion: Good to have the real footy back
SilverLion: Also good to see Hibberd still doing his usual stuff
StuL: Only one Bugg I thought.
RGriffen: agree Silver. Interesting to see Demons only playing 16 men in their def zone
RGriffen: dropping 2 back to stop the smalls getting out the back
JockMcPie: Gawn looking really good, just like we all thought he would
ReggieOz: Harmes is best number 4 since peter Giles :)
SilverLion: ANB an option in SC?
StuL: Looking rubbish Nth.
ReggieOz: He will improve on last year .. but too many better options ahead of him
StuL: Gawn dominating Goldy.
RGriffen: roos still got no speed at all. Reasoning for Hartung dominating
ReggieOz: Waite said 'my best footy is still in front of me" lmao
RGriffen: nah Scott said that about Waite not Waite about himself
RGriffen: that come the same day as Hrovat saying he would be disappointed if they don't play finals
TheLegend6: Reckon Fritsch will play much this season? Could be a good bench/F6 option.
oc16: Wow, Scott is an idiot if he said that
StuL: Both the Scotts seem to Gabe's problem with verbal diarheaa
StuL: Both the Scotts seem to have a problem with verbal diarheaa
RGriffen: yep Fritsch should play but you don't get 3 goals every week. Bench option at best imo
ReggieOz: Sorry, you are correct Scott did say it!
ReggieOz: Ok 1st surprise packet of the season Fritsch
facebook23: LDU looking like a draft bust imho
RGriffen: Lyon talked him up all pre season on radio. When Petracca last week said Fritsch would probs play round 1
RGriffen: 1 game and draft bust? lol thats just stupid to say
ReggieOz: Agree , he looks out of his depth , But only first game so lets see him again before we ride him off
RGriffen: LDU just doesn't have explosive speed. Been decent inside 8 contested in his first game is great
Gotigres: Yay, SC scores are on
Gotigres: Now they're off again :(
Gotigres: Yes, sc scores back on :)
StuL: Oliver doesn't care about tags. Good signs.
RGriffen: watching North is like watching Auskick everyone just follows the ball and don't man up
StuL: Nth will be fighting relegation. :p
RGriffen: Jacobs hasn't played the second half STUL
RGriffen: only got tagged for just over a quarter
StuL: OK. I'm 80% watching my phone, not the game
JockMcPie: Gawn would have 120 SC at the moment surely
facebook23: hey mate, no need to get nasty, just saying, he looks S L O W