Chat Log: W2, Gold Coast 12.7.79 d Essendon 12.4.76

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JockMcPie: McGrath vs Non-McGrath
JockMcPie: Liking Brodie early....but he's a bit pricey
AngryRyno: Rocket claimed we wouldn't see Brodie until mid season
AngryRyno: he may have to take that back the way things are going
Jackwatt$: If Brodie plays JLT 3, he plays Round 1 I reckon. Not too often you'd play all 3 and then not R1, maybe m0nty can confi
Jackwatt$: Confirm if this has ever happened or not?
m0nty: oh yeah, that happens all the time
Jackwatt$: McGrath ditto
frenzy: do you have feet Barlow?
JockMcPie: omg Barlow's ratio is great
GJayBee: Barlow on 18 handpasses at 55 per cent effective. Oh lordy.
TheHawk: Jack Martin off?
AngryRyno: he just got a kick so i'm gonna say no @TheHawk
PieBoy: onya browny
demonhell: Looks like Daniher has come of age
Nuffman: gee... stiff not to get a 50 there Gleeson