By Quarter: Western Sydney v Fremantle, R19

This page lists Dream Team and Super Coach scores for each AFL player in each quarter of this game. A warning: The Super Coach by-quarter scores may be wrong since the scores do tend to oscillate wildly during the breaks for some reason. If you see a quarter where half the players are in negatives then it's probably wrong. The Dream Team scores should be accurate though.

Western Sydney

Stephen Coniglio189364110400
Dawson Simpson202026329800
Rory Lobb251732239700
Dylan Shiel27148429100
Josh Kelly272013319100
Lachie Whitfield321718218800
Callan Ward17339278600
Nick Haynes17213647800
Devon Smith21618327700
Zac Williams281110287700
Matthew Kennedy32025216900
Heath Shaw191617166800
Jeremy Cameron261014176700
Matthew de Boer22416246600
Nathan Wilson211021116300
Phil Davis26101866000
Harry Perryman102414115900
Tom Scully1263345500
Adam Tomlinson9815235500
Aidan Corr81314205500
Jonathon Patton15214115100
Will Setterfield1611202900


Luke Ryan3035512213800
Nat Fyfe2828323212000
Darcy Tucker3512184210700
Lachie Neale3415312610600
Cameron Sutcliffe30283839900
Stephen Hill221940169700
Bradley Hill182722289500
Lachlan Weller161341249400
Michael Johnson20273779100
Sean Darcy241422157500
Shane Kersten16388127400
Hayden Crozier41227297200
Nick Suban2493136700
Griffin Logue73012146300
Ethan Hughes12121235700
Brennan Cox13271075700
David Mundy11192335600
Hayden Ballantyne9027134900
Cameron McCarthy721844000
Joel Hamling1127-323700
Brady Grey0191243500
Connor Blakely2600800