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By Quarter: Gold Coast v Carlton, R22

This page lists Dream Team and Super Coach scores for each AFL player in each quarter of this game. A warning: The Super Coach by-quarter scores may be wrong since the scores do tend to oscillate wildly during the breaks for some reason. If you see a quarter where half the players are in negatives then it's probably wrong. The Dream Team scores should be accurate though.

Gold Coast

Gary Ablett jnr212722198918433528124
Harley Bennell2126633862943753132
Danny Stanley917302682831362398
Thomas Lynch25711398237151751120
Trent McKenzie2917191681361371268
Brandon Matera242252576242532476
Kyal Horsley1134111672134617783
Charlie Dixon2420819713422131887
Josh Caddy323261567218272875
Taylor Hine109192866101214779
Campbell Brown201871863151653672
Michael Coad18929258382536099
Matthew Shaw1112132258148123771
Maverick Weller191351754165101849
Tom Hickey1922665330185-647
Steven May18132185114932046
Matthew Warnock911272491824341389
Jarrod Harbrow13841237321741063
Alik Magin1817023714240240
Piers Flanagan0126173510521532
Jacob Gillbee169012612190-229
Joshua Toy00016160002222


Jarrad Waite2717462611611196032122
Brock McLean252437221082738548127
Heath Scotland1924362210122274326118
Marc Murphy20263016921839212098
Matthew Kreuzer281427239235253035125
Andrew Carrazzo24182920912818311491
Chris Judd4415209885120295105
Chris Yarran2083127861513193582
Tom Bell25222411822817261182
Eddie Betts11213015777345615112
Bryce Gibbs1417231064202020262
Ed Curnow10212286161735462
Kade Simpson916112460201472970
Andrew Walker533022601163452103
Zach Tuohy10620246057141945
Levi Casboult8131125571817132169
David Ellard4133284881031738
Dennis Armfield6201110479512733
Jeff Garlett9234104632321947
Nick Duigan175815453213121471
Simon White148-26262573237
Andrew McInnes0000000000


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